Everything you wanted to know about snake chains

Necklaces have often been considered an important finishing touch for a stylish look. Discover everthing you could want to know about snake chains.

Today, the jewelry market offers a huge and varied assortment of necklaces for every taste and budget. You can choose from all kinds of styles, designs and shapes, and most people can find something unique and special for themselves. You can even find ones with a locket necklace design if you want to carry a picture of a loved one with you. Click here for unique and artisan jewelry.

Among the wide choice available, we would like to highlight gold snake chains. These elegant, unisex accessories are gaining more and more popularity. So the FJewellery team have decided to share the unique features with you, to help you decide if a snake chain is right for you.

Weaving features

The snake chain is actually a separate subspecies of armor weaving. Its main feature is the location of the links at an angle to each other, which allows you to align the product in one plane. Reliably soldered links are tightly connected to each other, forming a strong and tight tourniquet.

These chains are often machine-made and are inexpensive, but there are also hand-made models that are more refined and expensive.

This knitting method has other names – a rope or a tonda – but it was the snake that became the most popular. And no wonder, because it reflects the very essence of the accessory, which is very similar to real reptile scales.

You can find two types of snake chains – flat and voluminous. In both versions it is not necessary to use only round links; there are original models with oval, rectangular or square elements, which looks very impressive, especially on thick accessories.

Size and thickness may vary too, and men’s chains are usually much more massive and heavier than more delicate women’s chains.

To give the jewellery more brilliance and radiance, a diamond cut is used, given the chains an incredible play of light, which looks especially attractive on gold items.

It is worth noting that the cost of a snake necklace depends on the following parameters:

  • Type of metal
  • Design
  • Total weight
  • Creation method

However, the price is far from the main indicator that influences the choice of jewelry. What is more important is its style and relevance, how the accessory fits your look and how it’s combined with other attributes of the image.

How and what to wear your snake chain with

Jewellery is the main accessory of many women, and it’s important to choose the right piece. The main advantage of the gold snake chain is its versatility. It is the perfect base decoration that looks great both as a stand-alone piece of wardrobe and as a basis for pairing with other precious details.

As an accessory, a snake chain goes with any outfit – from bright casual looks to classic evening dresses, which allows you to wear it for almost any occasion. Jewelers often compare this accessory to little black dress – it’s also a must-have in every woman’s collection.

Tanks to a flowing and smooth surface and discreet minimalism, the snake chain can easily be work with other jewellery, such as pendants, lockets and crosses. Often chains are combined in a set with other necklaces and jewels, for example with:

  • Charm bracelets
  • Fancy bangles
  • Vintage brooches
  • Cluster rings
  • Drop earrings

The FJewellery online catalog offers a wide selection of snake chains in traditional yellow gold and elegant white gold at the most affordable prices. And to make it easier for you to choose, each product is provided with a full description, including all the main characteristics and several detailed photos.

They are are constantly expanding their range and carefully monitor the quality of each product to guarantee customers only the best precious accessories.