Everything you need to know about healing powers of crystal tumbled stones

The use of crystals and gemstones for healing has been around since ancient times. Today, there is an increased interest in the spiritual power and healing properties of crystal tumbled stones.

Whether you are looking to improve your health, bring balance into your life or just find a way to connect with nature, crystal tumbled stones can be a powerful tool for achieving these goals.

What are crystal tumbled stones?

They are pieces of raw crystals that have been cut and shaped through a process called “tumbling,” which produces smooth edges on the stones. You can find crystal tumbled stones in all shapes and sizes and a variety of colors, with each carrying its own unique energy vibration.

The most common types of crystals used for healing are quartz, amethyst, citrine, jasper, and tourmaline. Each stone carries its own unique properties that can help you to heal physically or emotionally, depending on what it is used for. 

How do crystal tumbled stones work? 

Crystal tumbled stones work by emitting positive vibrations into the body when held close to it or placed on strategic points such as chakras (energy centers) during meditation sessions. When combined with other forms of energy medicine, such as reiki or sound therapy, they become even more powerful tools for aiding physical and emotional well-being.

Benefits of using crystal tumbled stones 

There are many benefits associated with using crystal tumbled stones in your healing practice: 

  • Physical health benefits: Crystals can help promote physical health by aiding in relaxation, improving circulation, and boosting immunity levels through their vibrational energies, which interact with the natural frequencies of our bodies.  
  • Emotional wellbeing: Crystals have the ability to reduce stress levels by providing emotional support during difficult times such as grief or depression, allowing us to move forward in our lives without being weighed down by negative feelings from the past. 
  • Spiritual connection: Crystals allow us to connect deeply with ourselves and our environment, providing insight into our inner world while also giving us access to higher spiritual realms where we can gain a greater understanding of our purpose here on earth.  

How to use crystal tumbled stones in your healing practice? 

Using crystal tumbles stones is actually quite simple, but there are some important steps you should take before beginning any session.

Selecting the right stone

Take time researching different types of crystals so you can determine which ones will best suit your needs based on their individual healing properties. Once you have chosen the stone(s) appropriate for your session, make sure they have been cleansed before use (more information below).

Cleansing the stone

Before using a stone, it must first be cleansed, which helps remove any stagnant energy so that it may be ready to receive new intentions. This process involves placing them under running water, soaking them in salt water overnight, or smudging them with sage smoke.

Setting an intention

Before beginning your session, take some time to set an intention. This could include anything from wanting better mental clarity to improved relationships and more. It is important that this intention comes from within yourself rather than something imposed upon you by another person/entity.

Meditating with the stone

Now comes perhaps the most important part: meditating with the stone itself. Take a few deep breaths, then hold the stone near the center of your heart as you focus on sending out positive vibrations throughout your body while visualizing whatever it is that you wish for manifesting into reality.

Continue this process until all tension has dissipated from both mind and body, then give thanks before moving on to other activities/tasks if desired.     

Crystal tumbled stones offer an array of benefits

Crystal tumbled stones offer an array of benefits when used correctly within a holistic healing practice, including physical health improvements, emotional well-being, and spiritual connection.

By taking time to select and cleanse each stone prior to use and setting clear intentions during meditation sessions, these powerful tools will continue helping people achieve optimal balance and harmony within themselves long after they were discovered centuries ago!