Europe trip: popular attractions you need to visit

Europe has so much to offer that it’s impossible to list down everything we’d recommend visiting on a single page.

There plenty to see and do in Europe, and the most common and popular attractions in Europe are getting thousands of visitors every day – for good reason.

So if you’re planning a trip to Europe, it’s important to consider what kind of things you want to see, do and explore, and what countries and cities you’ll find them in. After all, Europe is so vast that it’s not possible to tick everything off in one list, on one trip.

To help you, here are some quick ideas on the types of attractions you may want to visit in Europe.

Explore where history was made

People consider Europe to be one a big museum where many important events in history took place. In Europe you can see the castles you have read about, and the places you only see on picture books and travel shows.

Every place as its own special story, accompanied by stunning architecture to showcase the past. You will find castles in most areas, including Scotland and Italy.

If you want to explore more modern history, then you can also visit Germany to experience seeing the Berlin Wall yourself.

And as almost every inch of Europe is filled with history, you can simply research what significant event happened where you are currently staying, and be ready for a surprise. Real museums are also very common wherever you go so make sure to take the opportunity and take in some history and art there as well.

Visit places of knowledge

Europe has a proud history in education; many thinkers and schools of thought in several fields have been born in the European continent. And you can find a vast collection of places to visit connected to early and original thinkers in many cities.

Education plays an important role in attracting millions of people who want to travel to different European countries. Consider going to libraries in some of the most well-known places, such as when planning what to do in Dublin, Ireland. Libraries are a wonderful place to get a taste of the local knowledge.

You can also plan your visit or tour to coincide when you come to Europe for a conference or short course.

Discover natural beauty everywhere

It’s hard not to find a city close to a location of natural beauty in Europe. You can find iconic cities near the most beautiful beaches, and villages perched high up in picturesque hills and mountains – or hidden deep in lush, green valleys.

You can find other natural wonders too, including cities built around huge rocks and cliffs. And ancient civilisations preserved in time. It is truly amazing how you can look into the lives of the past through the evidence they have left behind. 

In fact, whether you love history, art, beauty, education or even just exploring vibrant, cultural cities and towns, there’s so much to see and experience in Europe that it’s impossible to squeeze it into one trip. You’ll be so captivated by your travels that you’ll probably want to book a return visit to explore more of this diverse and beautiful continent.