Essential site services for your construction site

If you are in charge of running a construction site, then part of your role entails being responsible for the safe running of the site.

This means ensuring that you have the most appropriate site services in place in order to comply with the relevant Health and Safety Executive regulations.

Providing the right site services means finding a service provider like SRP Hire Services who are not only reliable but will offer you the full service that you need. After all. if the equipment you have hired has a fault you will want a a prompt solution to keep your construction site working as efficiently as possible. 

What essential services might I need?

All construction sites are busy places, however not every construction site will need exactly the same services. There are a number of essential services that every construction site will want to consider and a few that may also be a sensible addition to larger construction sites. 

Toilet facilities

All construction sites will need to look at providing some form of toilet facilities for their employees as the absolute minimum. These can be hired in a range of different set ups and include both mobile and static toilets.

Depending on the number of employees that there are on your construction site, you may need a single unit or a block of toilets – the number of employees on site will determine just how many toilets you should consider providing. You can find more details on what you need to consider when looking for porta-potty rentals here

Also bear in mind that, while the construction project that you are working on will likely have an approximate end date in place it is all too easy for construction to run into unexpected setbacks, so check if the company that you are considering will be able to offer you long or short term hire that will cover this type of issue.

Welfare and accommodation units

Construction is a physical role that requires concentration in order to prevent the kind of accidents that can occur when people are tired, or as a result of inclement weather that has made them cold, wet, or both.

Offering a warm and dry place for your construction site employees to dry off, get warm and take a break is really important. This could be a catering unit with some basic cooking facilities like access to hot water and a microwave, with seating. A drying room can also be a very handy thing to have as well for drying wet clothing.

On a larger site where you will also have some administration site your welfare building may also accommodate site administration, meeting rooms and even storage areas for smaller equipment – somewhere that these things can be left securely on-site overnight. 

When you provide the right on-site welfare and accommodation for your employees you are not only ensuring that they have a safe place to take a break during the day but also helping to ensure that sickness levels are kept to a minimum as well. Taking regular breaks, particularly from a physically demanding outdoor job, helps to ensure there are less accidents and also increases productivity.

Things to consider

When considering the type of onsite services that you need for your construction site it is important to look at the size of your site and the number of employees.

If you only have a few staff then you will probably not need to have an administration base on the site. You won’t need too many toilets and your catering unit will also not need to be too big. On a large site you may want to have several of each type of unit to ensure you have space for a larger number of employees at any one time. 

You should also think about what access you have to electricity and water; this will help determine the type of units you will need. A good hire company will be able to help you with this. 

Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante