Emailing like a boss: 10 unique ways to boost your business brand loyalty

Social media, websites, and outreach are all good ways to build a loyal customer base. But emails are the unsung heroes who save you at the very last minute when nothing works in your favor.

Now, why did we put it that way? The numbers speak louder than trends sometimes. Studies show that a whopping 73% of millennials prefer business communication via email, and it’s not just them – 59% of all age groups find emails influential in their purchase decisions. But that’s not it. There is smart marketing behind that. 

Now, think about another perfect way of speaking with your customers one on one. Take the example of Klaviyo’s email newsletter templates. They are instantly designed and customized to the needs of your audience. With very few changes, you can create and send emails that speak directly to your audience. 

So, let us learn the unique ways that will not only help you reach your customers but also inject a sense of belongingness within so as to build a loyal community. 

10 amazing ways to build a brand loyalty with ease 

Here are 10 amazing ways to build a brand loyalty with ease.

1) Your subject line should make the headlines in newspapers tomorrow

A recent study showed that 47% of email users open their emails based on the subject line alone. And even more of them directly send emails to spam by looking at the subject line. So, here is your first impression. Time to make it count. 

So, how do we do it? By personalizing your subject line. Know about your audience, their preferences, past interactions, purchases, interests, etc., so that you can resonate with them on a personal level. 

You also have to segment your audience first so that you don’t end up sending the same subject lines to each of your audience. Expert marketers suggest keeping your subject line short and sweet and not revealing everything.  

2) Personalization goes beyond the first name

Personalization has taken the email marketing game to a whole new level. It is far off writing the “Dear [Name]” thing now. With AI coming into the picture, personalization leverages data to fend off insights that cater to every single individual, that too through automation. In Klaviyo email newsletter templates, there is a feature for using dynamic content as well. 

Dynamic content is another game changer. It curates your emails to recommend products based on the interests of the users in real-time. Again, automation, with the help of machine learning algorithms, plays a major role.  

A study revealed that over 76% of website visitors get frustrated when the content is not personalized. Because, why not? They are probably looking for something, and they are not able to find it even after typing the right search query on their search engines. So, your emails need to direct them to a landing page that speaks on the same parallel as your email did. 

The more you get to know your customers, the more interested they will be in your brand. You’re raising their expectations, and they are now curious to see what you bring next. 

3) Storytelling never gets old

Stories connect people because they stay with us even long after the chapters have ended. In marketing, you are not only selling. You are also telling your story in front of the world. So, you have to be aware of your own brand story first. Your roots, the challenges you have faced to come this far, and your sweet little victories. These things will help you build your brand loyalty in front of your audience. 

You need to keep it simple and a mix of every emotion. Avoid jargon and hefty words in your emails. Remember that your objective is to increase your brand recall value. 

4) Interactive content turns visitors into participants

If you are wondering why your visitors are not taking action on your emails, maybe your action-taking elements (here, interactive elements) are missing from them. Research reveals that interactive elements in emails boost the click-to-open rates by 73%. Most marketers tend to consider these elements as a means to make your audience spend more time on your emails. However, expert marketers believe it to be a measure of building a long-lasting relationship. 

Interactive elements boost your engagement rate. They come in all sorts, like gifs, quizzes, surveys, etc. You are allowing your audience to experience more than just text. With a quiz maker, you empower your audience to actively engage and interact with your content, fostering a deeper understanding. This makes your users take action without leaving their email screen. And people usually avoid clicking on a link that directs them to a different tab or app. 

5) Exclusive offers and personalized rewards

Now, who doesn’t like personalized offers? Nothing feels more special than being told that this offer is only for you. It’s an attractive trait of a brand to include loyalty programs as a reward. 

However, personalized rewards require attention to detail. It’s not just about slashing the prices but offering a healthy environment. Like, early access to sales, members-only rewards, limited–time offers, etc., all add to customer loyalty. 

You can offer discounts on items that your customers love the most. Analyze their abandoned carts, their past purchases, etc., to curate your offers that will make them feel valued. And for your business, it will act as a fresh transaction. 

6) Being transparent builds trust like no other

Transparency doesn’t mean revealing every secret of yours. It’s more about being clear and honest with your audience. Let’s learn a thing or two about how to build trust and gain the faith of your customers. 

  • Have a concise approach and keep your email body simple and easy to understand in one go. 
  • Convey the challenges your business might be facing, which might lead to any delay, or the charges or update, if any, in a systematic manner. 
  • Be honest about the offers you are providing. Don’t turn your back later, as it might lead to disappointment. 

7) Create responsive designs for smartphone users

It’s a world of smartphones, and we are living in it. Statistics reveal that a mammoth 81% of people open their emails on mobile phones. So, you have to ensure that your emails are optimized for all screen sizes, including iPads. Because you never know. There are plenty of templates available that will help you easily achieve that. For instance, Klaviyo email newsletter templates help you design and send emails with zero development knowledge. It’s that easy. 

Mobile-friendly emails don’t simply mean resizing your emails for mobile devices. It’s also about making your text easier to read without having to zoom in. Also, do not forget the placement of your CTAs so that they don’t overlap with your email body and have a significant white space around them. 

Showing your audience that you care for the kind of devices they use also appeals to them. It plants a thought that your email best performed in terms of aesthetics and visuals no matter where they opened it. 

8) Use feedback from your audience to improve your emails 

When we say, “Read between the lines,” we mean listening to understand and not just to respond. Your customers’ feedback is the most important aspect of improving your email designs. Understand why your customers are saying what they saying before you react. Show them a genuine desire to improve. Also, if your customers are expecting your emails in a certain way, don’t you think they will instantly recognize your brand when you do exactly that? 

Then, you need to identify patterns in all the feedback you receive. Prioritize what you need to work most upon. Your customer experience is on the line here. And once you take action, informing your customers is the most important thing to do. This will eventually create a great recall value for your brand. 

9) Social media integration for amplified reach

With social media integration, you have to create a synergy between your emails and social media profiles. The key is to maintain consistency in tone and brand identity across all marketing channels. So, how do we execute cross-channel promotion through emails? Let’s find out. 

  • From visuals to text, maintain cohesiveness to create a brand identity that speaks volumes. 
  • You can share customer reviews and positive feedback within your emails and on social media as well. 
  • Encourage your email subscribers to follow your social media channels by strategically adding links to your profiles. 
  • You can initiate two-way interactions to deepen the relationship. Like, you can ask a question on your emails and ask them to respond on your social media. 

10) Urging your customers to create UGCs 

Another way to make your customers engage more with your brand is to encourage them to create user-generated content. You can conduct competitions, offer prices for the best short video, or simply ask them to record themselves sharing feedback on using your products/services.

Ask them to use a specific hashtag while sharing their content on their social profiles. This will help your brand attain recognition at a micro level, which would not have been possible otherwise. 

Spread the word far and wide 

Implement these ten unique strategies, and you won’t have to worry about anything else. Remember that creating brand loyalty for your business is a time-consuming process. So, execute each strategy one at a time patiently. Once you tick all the boxes, you will have things fall your way.

Think about what your audience expects the most from your business. And then create an honest personality around that. You will have an audience waiting for you even when they won’t be buying from you. You will have the word spread far and wide.