Eight ways you can save money when planning for an office party

Planning and hosting an office party can be quite a daunting task. And working on a shoestring budget makes the whole process five times harder.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to pull off with the right knowhow and some help behind you. Here are eight ways to save money while planning for an office party.

1) Plan ahead

Time is the greatest commodity for anyone planning an unforgettable office party. Planning ahead of time not only saves time, but money and effort as well. An ample amount of time gives you the opportunity to check for options and make informed choices.

With planning also comes the most important part, which is budgeting. Usually, reservations are more affordable if they are done ahead of time instead of a one week’s or one day’s notice. In addition, the committee will have enough time to negotiate with several suppliers.

2) Find the right people

If you’ve been asked by your boss to organize a party with a very limited budget, the first thing you need to do is to find the right people who will help you along the way.

You can form a committee that will host the most unforgettable office party of the year. Choose people who’ll be in charge of the invitation, negotiation, and organization:

  • Coordinator – the head of the organizing committee who will overlook all the aspects of the event
  • Co-coordinator – the assistant to the coordinator who can take charge in the absence of the coordinator
  • Invitations person– the person in charge of sending out invitations and taking note of the head count
  • Logistics person – the person in charge of finding the right venue, and taking charge of everything within the venue, like the sound systems, tables, chairs, and utensils, among other things
  • Food person – the person who will be in charge of the food and beverages in the party
  • Budget person – the person who will handle the allocation of budget

3) Look for an affordable venue

The number of people who will attend the party is what usually determines the size of the venue.

If the event will be exclusive to a small number of people within a department or unit, then, a common area or a multi-purpose hall located inside the company building can be a great option.

On the other hand, if the party is supposed to cater to all the people within the company, then, a large venue will be needed.

Planning ahead will give organizers enough time to search for an attractive venue at a reasonable price. Also. the organizers could negotiate and ask for support just in case the cost will be over the budget.

4) Go easy on the theme

When choosing the right theme for the party, determine the purpose of the event or for whom the celebration is. Is it a Christmas, a milestone, a tribute, or an anniversary party? 

The best way to save time, effort, and money on decorations is to choose a venue that already looks nice and requires minimum alterations. Also, make sure that your theme is in accordance to the people who will attend the event. Make the venue look professional and classy without going past the budget.

5) Go paperless on RSVPs and invites

You can save money for your office party if you go paperless for RSVPs and invites. You can create your own with the help of some online platforms available on the Internet.

For instance, websites like greenvelope.com offer customizable designs for RSVPs. This means that you can tweak the template of your choice in order to complement the theme of the party. 

Because you no longer need to hire people and use paper and pay a dime on these things, you can save a significant amount of money, which you can use for other important matters.

6) Consider potluck

When tight on budget, potluck is a great way to save money. Potluck is where everyone brings their own dish in addition to the food that will be prepared by the organizers.

Another benefit of planning ahead comes in the form of having the chance to ask your officemates to bring their own signature dishes. This way, you can avoid the expensive price of hiring caterers, which is not ideal when you’re tight on budget.

7) Limit alcohol consumption

You can limit the amount of alcohol that each guest could consume not just because you are short on money, but also because something bad might happen if someone becomes too drunk. You can give each guest a limit of three bottles of beer, or, better yet, they could bring their own alcoholic beverages. Alternatively, you can stock up light alcoholic drinks like alcoholic sparkling water from Long Shot

However, when you decide to have the guests bring their own alcoholic drinks, proper measures must be placed in order to maintain party etiquette. It is better if you could have an alcohol bar and assign someone to man it to regulate guests’ alcohol consumption.

8) Look for in-kind sponsors

An in-kind sponsor is either a person or an organization that could finance one aspect or two of the party. It is not a requirement, but it could be a way to reduce the costs, especially when someone will sponsor the food or the venue.

The logistics of the party can take full benefit from in-kind sponsors from either within or outside the company. Someone could lend the venue at a discounted price, while others could offer affordable rent for party materials, such as tables, chairs, and other things needed for the party. Do not overlook even the smallest in-kind donations because that could help you create the most unforgettable company party. 

Start planning your next office party

As you can see, there are many ways you can pull an unforgettable office party without breaking the bank. All you need to do is to plan ahead, gather the necessary people who will help you along the way, and opt for affordable yet functional designs and equipment.