Eight steps toward ditching your office job and becoming a successful freelancer

Wish you could ditch your office job and do something different? here are eight steps to becoming a successful freelancer.

It’s 6.30 am Monday morning, and the alarm clock is blaring. Where did the weekend go? You think about hitting the snooze button and snatching ten more minutes, but what’s the point? So you get up, start going through the motions, and another week begins. 

Sound familiar? Well, a better world is within your reach. It’s a world where you can pick your own hours, working when and where you want. It’s a world without the social and cultural barriers that prevent women from earning what they’re really worth.

It’s called freelancing, and this handy guide from ZenBusiness explains everything you need to know about becoming a successful freelancer.

The guide includes a flowchart outlining all the essential questions you’ll need to answer before making the big leap. For example,  do you have a marketable skill? Are you a self-starting go-getter who embraces risk? Can you sell yourself? And do you have the motivation and commitment to manage your time effectively? 

If it’s a yes, it’s time to start planning your escape from office life. That’s why ZenBusiness collected some top tips from freelancing experts and recruitment specialists. They include crucial advice on setting up your online presence, choosing the right business structure, and landing your all-important first client. Plus, you’ll also find a list of the best freelancing tools and software packages to help get you started.

And to make sure you avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes, ZenBusiness also put together a ‘dos and don’ts’ list for rookie freelancers. 

So check it all out below. It could be your first step toward an exciting and empowering personal journey.