Eight services that are useful for freelancers

Plunging into the world of interesting freelance projects, many people forget about the main thing – the ability to competently organize their work.

Luckily there are some services that can help you with this. Let’s look at eight services that are useful for freelancers.

1) Coinkeeper for budget accounting

One of the characteristics of freelancing is the instability of payments. Some receive money upon delivery of their work, while others receive it on certain days. It all depends on the rules set by the customer of freelance projects.

As a result, it can be difficult to manage your budget as a freelancer. But not with the help of Coinkeeper service, which:

  • Will help you to plan income expenses
  • Will let you know how much you are allowed to spend
  • Will help you keep track of your finances

Another plus is the use of a virtual card, which can be used to withdraw as much cash as you like and to make cashless payments in stores.

2) Woffex for writing

Woffex service will help you write text quickly. For example, if you need to write a post on Instagram or for your blog, but you don’t have enough time. In this scenario, these kind of services come in handy, doing all the work for you.

They can even write texts with the inclusion of SEO words. And know that an SEO content writing service will help your site to move up the ranks of Google more quickly.

3) Trello for planning current tasks

Trello is ideal for teamwork. It helps you to delegate a project, and to follow tasks that have been delegated. The system also allows you to make necessary corrections, too.

The functionality of the service also helps with procrastination, when tasks and deadlines are visible to the organizer. This makes time management easier for everyone – clients and their freelance teams – and ensures that everyone is productive and meets deadlines on time.

4) Office 365 for an efficient, cloud-based package

Office 365 is a cloud-based service from Microsoft. It is identical to Google, but works much faster, allowing you to leverage Microsoft Office applications.

Once you activate the product, documents on your drives are instantly synced into a Docx file. But keep in mind that Office 365 is chargeable, the cost depends on what apps you need.

5) Mental maps

Mental maps are also called “connection diagrams”, a functionality for visualizing and generating ideas for future project presentation and strategy development. It’s a great help for freelancers who are working on large-scale tasks.

6) All-in-One Messenger for Chrome – for merging chats

This service, developed by Google, unites different forms of messengers used by freelancers. It is possible to connect to social networks as well. It is productive because you spend less time viewing messages and responses, and is handily free to use.

7) Canva – an editor for graphic works

Canva is a service that helps you to easily create graphic elements for freelance projects. You can use a free version, or upgrade to a paid one if you need more functionality. The program is easy to use and intuitive, even for novice freelancers.

Canva will help you to:

  • Create a prototyping Landing-page
  • Draw the future site
  • Make useful draft notes with notes
  • Develop graphics for the project

The service is equipped with numerous templates for press releases, marketing kits, layouts, and more. And one document can be worked on simultaneously by a group of designers. It is possible to save the previous version with the new development to compare and make useful edits.

8) Channely – convenient auto-posting for Telegram

Channely is a service with a simple interface that helps freelancers if you suddenly lose access to your direct administration of the messenger channel.

The program comes in handy for an SMM manager when managing several online channels at once, where it is necessary to track the time and period of publications. Using the universal assistant for Telegram, the user can track reviews, and comments, keep track of readership, and much more, even when away from the main computer.

This service makes routine work easier and becomes an ideal assistant if you are running several large freelance projects. With the help of its online assistance, you will retain control over your current tasks and will be able to change or supplement them in time, post the next post, or news, or communicate with the customer, even while you are away.