Eight benefits of sleeping with a night guard for people experiencing bruxism

While some people grind their teeth when they are stressed, others may grind their teeth in sleep. Bruxism is the medical term for teeth grinding or jaw clenching.

This disorder is quite common. Most people experience only mild symptoms. They can comfortably ignore the pains and aches of bruxism. 

But those who suffer from bruxism, often have to bear a host of related problems. Though they may not be very severe, these issues can still cause a lot of discomfort in daily life.

Wearing a night guard to sleep is an effective way to get rid of bruxism-related symptoms. Besides providing relief from bruxism, a night guard can yield several other benefits. 

Curious whether night guard is the solution for you? We’ve listed the most important benefits for you right here.

1) Preventing tooth damage

Over the years, teeth grinding can cause much damage to your tooth enamel. It works like a slow poison, damaging your teeth a little every time. When much of the enamel has eroded, your teeth become oversensitive.

Your tooth fillings can also come loose due to repetitive teeth grinding. Or your teeth may even get chipped or broken,

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that these problems occur due to bruxism. So they don’t take any preventative measures. 

2) Alleviating toothache

If you’re experiencing a sudden toothache unaccompanied by any gum disease or tooth decay, you’re probably suffering from bruxism in your sleep. The continuous pressure on your teeth due to clenched jaws and teeth may have caused the teeth to start aching.

If you can fix the core problem, you can get rid of the related issue of toothache too. Experts claim that bruxism night guards are the best choice for people who grind their teeth.

3) Relieving jaw tension

Clenched jaws may leave them sore and painful. If you’re suffering from bruxism you have no control over the jaws when the symptoms appear. The jaws become tensed and may eventually even lose their alignment. There is an adverse impact on the muscles and nerves around the jaws as well. 

Affected jaw muscles can cause pain during chewing and become dysfunctional. This is a medical condition called Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

A bruxism night guard can help to keep your jaws relaxed and eliminate these symptoms to a great extent. But for that, you’d need the night guard to be of good fit. The experts at SmileBrilliant.com are aware of these minute issues. Their night guards come in several options ensuring that your bruxism night guard is perfect for your dental structure.

4) Preventing headaches

In some cases, bruxism can also result in headaches and face pain.  Due to the teeth grinding at night, your muscles can get overworked and sore. As a result, you may wake up with acute pain in your head and face.

You may also experience unexplained pain in your ears and neck which may extend to your shoulders. All this can be avoided if you start wearing night guards. 

5) Reducing snoring

People who suffer from bruxism are prone to snoring as well. Clenched jaws can cause breathing problems, that’s why these two problems are linked. Using a night guard effectively improves breathing and reduces snoring considerably.

Breathing problems during sleep may cause more serious problems like sleep apnea. These issues not only affect long-term health but also hinder the quality of sleep you and your partner get every night. A night guard can provide relief from such symptoms and will be much appreciated by your partner.

6) Protecting teeth alignment 

How much force would you put in clenching your jaws consciously? Even a little conscious force can be uncomfortable on your jaws. In bruxism, the force with which you grind your teeth and clench jaws is considerably more than what you’d consciously exert. Imagine how damaging that much force can be on your teeth?

The force exerted in jaw clenching due to bruxism can affect your jaw bones and teeth alignment. This may affect the shape of your face and how you look too.

7) Avoiding costly treatments

We have already elaborated on the benefits of a night guard in preventing tooth damage that may result from bruxism. A small expenditure on a night guard can save you from dental treatments in the future. You might need to go for dental surgery later. 

Dental surgery can be very expensive and require you to make several trips to the dentist’s clinic. Start using a night guard at the earliest signs of bruxism and you will be able to save a lot of money on dental expenses.

If you choose not to use a night guard, what are your other options? You can take muscle relaxants, or go for botox injections. But if you take self-care steps today, as simple as sleeping with a night guard, you don’t need any such complex prescriptions. 

8) Enjoying restorative sleep

Pain and other symptoms associated with bruxism can cause much discomfort during sleep. Patients reportedly take a lot of time to sleep or find difficulty in staying asleep. Most patients wake up in the morning feeling groggy and complaining of poor sleep.

If you’re suffering from bruxism too, sleep is probably your most significant point of concern. A night guard works well in relieving the symptoms of bruxism that cause discomfort in your sleep. This can help you sleep soundly and feel rejuvenated in the morning.

Can a night guard help you?

Bruxism may cause much frustration because you feel there’s little you can do about it. But that’s far from the truth. You can take control of the situation today and improve your quality of life. And we urge you to take the right steps ASAP!

Get a custom-fitted night guard and that will make all your troubles disappear like magic. These night guards are recommended by top dentists and are perfectly safe for long use. You already have our word for all the benefits a night guard can offer. Don’t hesitate, get your custom-fitted night guard today.

Photo by Diana Polekhina