Eight advantages of learning with online courses for stay-at-home moms

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking to pursue a passion or add to your resume? Here are eight advantages of learning with online courses for stay-at-home moms.

Have you chosen to take a career break to raise your family, but are now looking for something for you? You might want to pursue a passion or interest, or need to start boosting or refreshing your skills ready for your return to the workplace in the future.

If so, online learning may be the right choice for you. Thanks to huge advances in technology, Learning Cloud online courses and other teaching jobs online courses offer a wife range of topics – from the sciences, writing, engineering, and business, to photography, design and painting.

Whatever your interest or need, here are eight advantages of learning with online courses if you’re a stay-at-home mom.

1) You have more freedom

While going to conventional classrooms may be impossible for stay-at-home moms, online learning gives you the freedom to study any time you’re able.

With so many programs to choose from today, you can find pretty much any course you desire. Whether you’ want to refresh your expertise, upgrade your skills or learn a completely new discipline, such as digital marketing, there are plenty of courses to choose from.

2) You can learn from home

Online education allows you to learn from the comfort of your home – or anywhere you choose. You can study in your pyjamas with a napping child next to you if you wish.

Or if you feel like going out to the garden or the local coffee shop for a change of scene, you can continue working on your course.

3) You can add to your resume

Whether you plan to return to your old career after a break raising your children, or embark on a completely new direction, online learning will give you valuable skills and qualification to boost your resume.

It also signals to employers that you remained interested, ambitious and keen to keep up to date during your carer break – and that you’re ready to return and embrace your career with enthusiasm.

4) You’re under less pressure

Learning in a traditional classroom with new faces can sometimes be overwhelming. With online learning, you can still excel in your studies without having to meet or speak to a single person if you don’t want to.

If you’re an independent learner, online education can provide a relaxed way to improve your skills in a safe environment.

4) It’s flexible and convenient

One of the big advantages of online learning is that you can study in your own time and way. So if your child is ill on a day you planned to study, or something comes up, you can simply re-schedule your study for another time; you won’t risk missing a class.

As long as you meet your course deadlines and complete the tasks as required, no one cares when or how you do the work.

5) It’s cheaper

With no classroom to run for the course provider, and transportation and childcare costs for you, studying online is usually cheaper for moms.

All you need to learn online is a WiFi connection and device to access your course. And the courses themselves are usually cheaper than their bricks and mortar equivalents.

6) It’s easier to focus

It can sometimes be difficult to learn with other people and distractions around. And the set time in a classroom you have to study in can drift past, wasted.

But when you learn from home, you’re in complete control of your environment. So if you like to study listening to music, you can. If you like complete silence, you can have that too (even if it means escaping your house and studying in your local library).

Want a warm room? Got it? Cold? That’s fine too. You can also spend as long or as little on any piece of work before moving on.

By studying at home you can choose when the best time for you to study is too. You may, for example, be a night owl whose most productive time is after everyone goes to sleep at night. Or a lark who likes to rose at dawn and work.

However and whenever you find works best for you, you can completely control your environment when you study at home.

6) You don’t have to commute

Adding commuting time (and stress) onto a day of study just takes up unnecessary time and energy. But if you learn from home, you avoid the time and expense or needing to travel anywhere.

This means you can use the time you would have wasted on the road to study, and get a head start – or enjoy a leisurely start to the day.

7) You’re in control

In a traditional classroom, you can’t do anything about the lecturer or the teacher, and how they teach their subject. But in an online class, you don’t need to sit through an entire lesson by a particular tutor if you can’t bear their teaching style, or you already know that particular topic well.

Instead you can use different learning tools to gain the information you need, and be in control of your learning experience.

8) You can work at your own pace

When you study in a classroom, you can’t do anything about the pacing of the lessons. You have no choice but to follow what the teacher tells you to do, and keep up (or back) to the class pace.

But with online learning you can move as quickly or slowly as you wish. If you haven’t quite grasped a topic, you can re-read a text or re-take a lesson. And if you’ve grasped it quickly, you can move on without waiting for everyone else to catch up.

Is online learning right for you?

Studying online has so many benefits for stay-at-home moms. And as they increase in popularity, the choice of courses grows. To succeed in online learning, you need discipline and motivation. So if you think its right for you, start growing courses and choose a skill that interests or will benefit you.