Drawing from big-hit entertainment to inspire living room décor

Looking for living room décor inspiration? Then turn to some of the biggest, most popular, and strongly-styled TV shows, movies, and online games of last year.

It can be difficult to pick out the right décor and colour schemes for your living room, particularly because it can both be your central focus for downtime and be so varied. Whether you want fun and exciting vibes or more of a calm room for relaxing and enjoying the TV, there are so many different ways to go.

When stuck for inspiration, a great way to go is to delve into some popular entertainment and draw from its themes, decorations, and styles. As so much thought and detail go into sets and the stylisation of everything from movies to online games, it’s easy to spot striking themes and to get living room décor inspiration.

These are a few of the biggest hits in entertainment over the last year, with each offering different living room décor inspiration from different sectors of the industry.

The classic-inspired Greek approach

If you’re familiar with online casino betting at Paddy Power, it’s likely you’ve seen the slot Athens Megaways. Rising to prominence due to its ties to the Daily Jackpot features, Athens Megaways also plays as an all-encompassing Greek-themed slot. The backdrop is the great city in its ancient form, while features like Sea Fury, Soul Pit, and Olympus Blessing infuse different god-derived action.

Being set in ancient Greece, you can expect to see the classic white pillars or columns, blue fabric, and ornaments like pottery, harps, and Corinthian helmets, which can be seen in places such as the Met Museum in New York. All of these features of the jackpot slot can be drawn as living room décor inspiration. Opt for mid-to-light tone blue with bright white walls and furniture, ornaments dotted on units or pinned to the walls, and perhaps even check out the Greek column-style shelves that have the columns in place as the supports.

Power-pack the living room with an Indian flair

One of the breakout movies of the year from the non-English section was RRR. Rise! Roar! Revolt! – as its release name stands for – is as crazy as it is entertaining, mixing over-the-top action sequences with musical numbers dotted into the story. It was even named one of the best movies by Empire Online last year. For your living room décor inspiration, draw from the setting and the film’s bombastic execution.

As you’d expect from a nation that’s soon to be the most populated in the world, there isn’t a single or even overly dominant ‘Indian style,’ but the one that we want to roll with is the eclectic maximalism angle. It’s all about having lots of art and stuff in a room, reflecting your personality and the style of the room. Of course, for the Indian aesthetic, opt for the more colourful and wonderfully detailed accent pieces.

Get your living room décor inspiration from these great pieces of entertainment to get a very defined and bold theme in your favourite room of the house.