Dr. Ryan Shelton, Zenith Labs’ Medical Director, shares how female entrepreneurs can take better care of their wellbeing

Being a female entrepreneur can sometimes mean going against the norm. As a business owner, you are often referred to as a leader, self-starter, and independent worker.

In the past, women did not typically occupy these roles, but instead worked within teams to contribute towards a bigger cause. With the help of technology, women’s empowerment movements, and shifts in society, there is an increase of female entrepreneurs ready to take on the world.

However, one overlooked aspect of success in entrepreneurship is our overall health and wellbeing. Dr. Ryan, Shelton Zenith Labs’ Medical Director, emphasizes the need for women to look out for their health, as stress can sometimes be a ‘silent killer’, a common denominator of many chronic illnesses.

In this post, Dr. Ryan Shelton gives some easy ideas on how female entrepreneurs can stay well in order to thrive in their business.

Compartmentalize your work and personal life

There is the idea that successful female entrepreneurs need to ‘hustle hard’ and integrate their business in every aspect of their lives. Although this sounds like a noble concept, practicing this mindset often leads to burnout and a loss of time for personal pursuits. Instead of appreciating your business, you may end up feeling stressed and resentful regarding your situation.

According to Dr. Ryan Shelton, the key to motivation in both personal and work-related areas of your life is balance. Here are some steps you can follow to achieve a work and life balance.

Manage your time in completing work tasks

Increase your productivity through some time management skills to not have to bring work-related tasks at home. Tempting as it may be to slack during work or business hours, procrastinating often leads to the loss of time for yourself or your family.

Have a separate workspace

If you have a home-based business, it is better to have a separate office or workspace to do your tasks. Although it is tempting to work on the dining room table or your living room couch, the clutter it brings often causes unintended stress.

Unwind your mind

It can help to vent but don’t dwell too much on business-related stress when talking to your loved ones or spending time with yourself. Do something you enjoy so you’re ready and refreshed for the next workday.

A healthy work-life balance will help you appreciate the different aspects of your life as a female entrepreneur and other personal roles you may have.

Develop physical health habits

Well-being is not just about avoiding stress but also minding your physical health. As a female entrepreneur, you may get caught up with all the responsibilities within the day that it seems like your personal health is at the bottom of your to-do list.

Dr. Ryan Shelton recommends that female entrepreneurs do these strategies to make healthy choices even on busy days easily.

Plan your meals ahead of time 

The reason why people end up eating junk food is that they’re convenient. An easy drive-through meal can make you full for lunch. If you plan your mealsand prepare them ahead of time, such as on the weekend, you can pack healthy food choices without being tempted with junk.

Incorporate physical activity on small breaks

Many entrepreneurs also claim that they don’t have time for exercise. One easy trick to make it happen is doing some light stretching, jogging in place, squats, or any other physical activity you can do during small breaks. If you have idle time during your business, these physical activities can quickly add up, which drastically improves your health.

Take silent breaks

Ruminating about work and personal matters can often cause unnecessary stress. Taking silent breaks, such as sitting and closing your eyes while focusing on your breath, gives ample time for your mind and body to restart.

Staying healthy is all about making small, seemingly insignificant choices that compound into positive results over time.

Have a community to grow with

A supportive community will take you to new heights as an entrepreneur. They can be a source of knowledge, skill, motivation, and encouragement during difficult times. Having a group of people who knows where you’re coming from and allows you to be vulnerable is essential for your growth and wellness.

To find a community that resonates with you, try some of these ideas.

Professional membership groups 

If you are self-employed, you can join an organization related to your work and join discussion groups to get support. You can also participate in events and meetups whenever possible.

Local community 

Are there business or interest-related groups in your area? If so, you can sign up for meetings and events to get to know people in your local area.

Online groups

As a female entrepreneur, you may be pressed for time to participate in social meetups. A great idea to connect with others is through online groups in social media for like-minded people or online message boards.

Dr. Ryan Shelton: Balance, health, and community is key

Dr. Shelton points out these three key areas of well-being to thrive as a female entrepreneur. Although it may take some time and effort to make a complete positive change, filling in these three key areas will make you happier, healthier and more fulfilled as a business owner who wants to succeed.