Does this really need a meeting? To find out, use this flowchart

How often have you sat in a pointless meeting? One you really didn’t need to be invited to? Or worse, didn’t need to happen at all?

Not only do pointless meetings waste your precious time (and test your patience), but they force you to catch up with the work you should have been doing during them afterwards, impacting your productivity and performance.

To help you avoid further meeting-based torture, the kind people at fundera have put together this helpful infographic. Just follow the flowchart (or forward it to someone else and ask them to before they invite you to a pointless meeting) and work out if you really need a meeting about it.

We hope it helps to save you from further hours wasted looking out of the window and wishing you were anywhere else but stuck in a pointless meeting!

Original source for infographic

Photo by George Gvasalia