Discover why Alice Springs is the perfect base to explore

Planning a trip to the Australian outback? Read on to find out why you need to visit Alice Springs.

Alice Springs isn’t the most popular place to visit in Australia, but not putting it on your travel list would be a huge mistake. It is an outdoor lover’s dream, and with so much to see and explore, you will need to figure out where to start. 


Uluru is one of the most famous sites in Alice Springs, Australia. This gorgeous mountain in the Outback is a top-rated tourist attraction and an important site for indigenous Aboriginals. 

Once you’ve found the answer to “can I bring vape to Australia?”, you should immediately book a tour or drive to this breathtaking natural wonder. 

Ghost towns

Alice Springs is littered with many small towns that once housed families who traveled to the area for farming, mining, and plenty of other pursuits. However, many residents have long since left, and these towns now stand empty.

While these ghost towns may offer limited activities, exploring them provides a fascinating glimpse into life in one of the Southern Hemisphere’s harshest environments. Paranormal enthusiasts are particularly drawn to these sites, hoping to catch glimpses of shadows or orbs (what are orbs?). The thrill of the unknown adds another dimension to their experience.

Hermansburg potters

Hermansburg pottery is instantly recognizable, and you can visit the pottery where it is made and explore this exquisite art. Located just over an hour outside of Alice Springs in a former church, the pottery is the home of this amazing style and will give you a first-hand look at how it is made. 

Nocturnal tour

Considering the number of creatures and critters that call the area home, going on a tour to see as many as possible is a must. However, the best time to see them is at night, when a nocturnal tour comes in. 

These tours take place in a fenced-off park, so there is no need to worry about large predators. However, you will get many secretive marsupials, incredible snakes, and spiders.

Sunrise hot air balloon ride

There is arguably no better way to experience the vast beauty of the area than by air. If you are up early enough, you can float above the plains of the Outback in the comfort of a hot air balloon, taking in the wide swathes of sand, trees, and Uluru

The hot air balloon ride takes a few hours, but you can finish off the adventure with a delicious Outback picnic packed with a selection of local treats. 

Finke Gorge National Park

The Finke Gorge National Park is only accessible by 4×4, but it is well worth the effort. It is considered one of the most important national parks in Australia and is also home to the Finke River, which is believed to be over 350 million years old. 

There is a lot to see and do in the park, from amazing hikes to bird spotting and relaxing in one of the many pools in the area. It is the perfect spot for a day out with the family, or for solo exploration. 


Finally, considering how clear the sky is in Alice Springs, an astro-tour at night is a must. A guide will help you identify stars, planets, and constellations above you, all of which can be done with the naked eye. 

You can also bring your own telescope along if you so choose, giving you even better views of the stars above you in some of the clearest sky you will ever see. 

What to Know About Visiting Alice Springs

Alice Springs is a very remote part of Australia that can experience extreme weather and can be dangerous to travel around if you don’t know what you’re doing, which is why many people choose to book Darwin and Alice Spring tours. Here are a few tips to consider before visiting.

It gets cold

Even though Alice Springs is in the heart of the Outback, it doesn’t just get boiling hot. Winter temperatures can get exceptionally cold, and you will not have a good time if you are caught off guard. 

Instead, remember to pack Winter layers when visiting the area, especially if you are traveling there in the colder months. 

When to visit

You can visit Alice Springs throughout the year, but the best time to visit is in the Spring. This is when it isn’t too hot, it doesn’t get too cold, and you can comfortably spend most of the day outdoors exploring. 

It can be dangerous

The Australian Outback is filled with creatures and critters that can cause harm. While 99% of them won’t do anything unprovoked, it is important to remember when you are out and about. 

Therefore, when you are in the bush exploring, you should wear boots and long pants to protect against snake and spider bites, and also ensure you check your shoes and clothes before putting them on. 

Use tour guides

Finally, you don’t want to get lost in the Outback, and a tour guide will stop that from happening. Considering how vast the area is and how far away everything is, it is best to use a tour guide or join a tour to do most things.