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Are you looking for love? Discover how you can meet people and start your communication on dating websites and apps like Myspecialdates.

It’s become normal today to meet romantic partners online, often via dating apps and websites. But what’s the best etiquette for using them? And, if you do find someone you like on one, how can you initiate and continue the conversation to give yourself the best chance of getting to know them?

In this article we explore what you need to add to your profile, how to open communication with your first message, how to continue getting to know someone beyond it, and even the secrets of communicating with someone based on their zodiacal sign!

So if you are looking for love and ready to start using dating apps and websites, read on for some advice and inspiration.

How to open communication with your first message

Once you have found someone you like on a dating website or app, the next step is often to contact them. But writing a first message on a dating site can be intimidating. What should you say? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Start chatting with a pleasant greeting. This sets a positive tone and shows that you’re interested in getting to know the person.
  2. Reference something from their profile. Show that you’ve taken the time to read their profile by mentioning something specific that caught your attention.
  3. Asking an open-ended question. This encourages the person to respond and keeps the chat flowing. Avoid yes/no questions and ask something that requires a longer answer.
  4. Keep it light and positive. Avoid controversial topics or negative comments in your first message. Keep things light, positive, and friendly.
  5. Be yourself. This will help the person get a sense of who you are and whether or not you’re a good match.

The secrets of communicating according to someone’s zodiac sign

One way of approaching communication with someone on a dating app is to focus on their zodiac sign, and tailoring your chat to the favoured topic and style of talking.

Some apps, like Myspecialdates share lots of information to help you find your perfect partner, including their zodiac signs. As a quick guide, here’s how each zodiac sign likes to communicate:

  1. Aries loves to give advice.
  2. Taurus prefers facts. Such a lady isn’t strong in discussions and meaningless phrases.
  3. Gemini. It is almost impossible to keep her attention through Internet communication so it’s better to arrange a personal meeting.
  4. Cancer can start a quarrel on the level ground and close herself off the interlocutor.
  5. Leo. Do not tolerate doubts about her authority, there is no need to argue with her.
  6. Virgo does not like a lot of words. Be short and restrained.
  7. Libra knows how to empathize and listen to the interlocutor with their heart and soul. Such women can be trusted.
  8. Scorpio. She gives wise advice and you need to listen to her opinion. 
  9. Sagittarius. She needs lightness and a touch of adventure. Offer to jump with a parachute and she will definitely agree to do this.
  10. Capricorn quickly sorts unnecessary and important information. Meaningless messages will not even be read.
  11. Aquarius is looking for the unusual and the non-standard everywhere. 
  12. Pisces do not take the initiative in the conversation so the men have to take everything into their own hands

Each zodiac sign is associated with specific personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics based on the position of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of a person’s birth. Astrology enthusiasts believe that understanding someone’s zodiac sign can offer insight into their personality, relationships, and life path.

If you are curious to learn more and start talking to your perfect zodiac match, you can try Myspecialdates now.

Rules of correspondence on websites like Myspecialdates

When using a dating webiste or app, it is important to add the right information to your personal profile. Few people will want to respond to a message from someone with an empty profile.

Don’t forget the all-important photo, to give prospective dates an idea of what you look like. Some sites, like Myspecialdates make it a mandatory condition to upload high-quality photos. Choose a photo of you that looks natural – using photoshop or filters will just lead to disappointment later on if you don’t look like your profile photo. Equally using a photo that is old is not a good idea.

Once you have completed your profile information and uploaded your photo, you can start browsing the profiles on the site or app to find someone you find interesting or attractive and who matches your interests.

When opening a conversation with someone for the first time, make your message tailored to the person you are writing to. A bland, “Hello, how are you?” is unlikely to generate much excitement in a recipient. But a personalised message that explains why you were moved to contact them, what appealed to you about their profile, and a little about you is more likely to be rewarded with a reply.

That said, you don’t need to share your life story in your opening message. Equally, don’t quote every line of their profile back to them – if you come on too strong you could give off stalker vibes! But a few lines showing an interest in THAT person, and sharing something about yourself with seem genuine and interesting.

Getting to know someone you like

When you find someone you like, take your relationship at a pace you are both happy with. Some people like to take their time and communicate via message before meeting, while others like to meet someone face-to-face quite quickly to see if there is chemistry.

It is always important, when you are getting to know someone new, to be yourself. There’s little point on telling them you are a fitness freak if you hate the gym, or love cooking if you live on ready meals.

Not only are you presenting a fake front, but you’ll have to put in a lot of effort pretending to enjoy dates you don’t. And once your date gets to know you better they’ll discover it’s not true. You’re also unlikely to find a partner who is a perfect fit for you this way.

For this reason too, try to find people who have similar interests to you. You may find someone attractive, but if their perfect weekend is your idea of hell, or their religious or political values are drastically different to yours, you’re unlikely to find common ground, or even enjoy your time together!

By taking your time to find someone who shares your interests, and honestly presenting yourself, you are much more likely to find a smooth path to love, and maybe even get the happy ever after you are hoping for.

So if you feel ready to look for love, take this advice and check out online dating sites and apps. Don;t forget to try Myspecialdates now if you like the sound of that.