Diary of a mum returning to work – Primal Detox

Last week we read how former freelance writer and mum of three Lucy Mason was facing up to the prospect of kickstarting her neglected career again. This week we learn why it’s not a good idea to mix a freebie detox with business.

Primal Detox

I’m doing a Primal Detox this week. It’s awful, no dairy, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, sugar (including fruit), potatoes, pasta or rice. I’m subsisting on boiled eggs and nettle tea. And if that wasn’t horrible enough, I had to go to a bootcamp from 6-7 this morning and run around a filthy scout hut alternating press ups and squat thrusts with running across the floor like a bear and a duck.

I ‘won’ the detox at a silent auction. A friend organised a fundraising evening for her London Marathon sponsorship and I guess I felt inspired at the time. Now I just feel rubbish – I can’t stand the sight of anyone (poor husband and kids) and look haggard and drained all the time. I’m supposed to visit my 87 year-old nan this week but don’t think I can face the hour-long drive. I’m not sure how I can explain the concept of a detox to her – she’s a retired farmer who likes eating ham sandwiches with the pig hair sticking out – so I may just say I’m ill. Which is kind of true.

As well as this horrible detox business I’m trying to relaunch my writing career. I have to say this may not be the best week to do it, so I’ve decided to put off approaching would-be clients until I can string a meaningful sentence together, hopefully next week.

So I have decided to start with updating my Linkedin profile. I last looked at it about three years ago and it’s pretty lame. If I’m going to find new contacts then I need some kind of online presence to back up all the great stuff I’m telling them about me. Apparently “over 225 million professionals use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities” so it seems a good place to begin. Although I’d be much more inspired if I could only have a lovely fresh cup of coffee while I’m working.