Dating tips: how career-driven single moms can find their match

As a single mother you probably have a lot on your plate. And are probably having to prioritize tasks and make difficult choices.

You’ll have to learn to balance every aspect of your life – parenthood, social life, and personal needs. If you’re particularly passionate about your career, that is an additional aspect you need to tackle.

And while it can be overwhelming, knowing how to balance these factors will give you a whole new perspective on life, and you might even consider finding your significant other.

If you’re thinking about having a new relationship as a single mother, here are some dating tips for career-driven single mothers who want to find their match.

1) Don’t immerse yourself completely in your career 

While keeping your career on the right track is important, it’s equally essential to take a breather and invest time and energy in other parts of your life too.

As a single mother, it’s understandable that you need to focus on your career to maintain good living standards for your child, but there’s more to life than work.

2) Maintain positivity and confidence 

Once you’ve decided to start dating, condition your mind and don’t feel guilty about doing it. Whether you admit it or not, you might’ve felt a pang of guilt when you initially considered a new partner while taking care of your child.

But if you think that dating will make you happy, then go for it. Don’t neglect your personal needs because a happy mother is a good mother.

Brace yourself against judgments too, specifically mom-shaming. These unnecessary comments shouldn’t stop you from doing things for yourself. Take them with a pinch of salt, and stay in a confident and positive frame of mind.

3) Consider a matchmaking platform

As a busy woman juggling parenthood and career, you have little free time for scheduling dates to get to know other people for the first time. So, consider an online dating platform which can help you to become familiar with your prospective dates before meeting them.

Make sure thought that you only sign up on reputable dating sites. To help you find them, check a list compiled on Reclaim The Internet for the best matchmaking platforms.

4) Discover your date’s goals and aspirations

Remember that you’re dating not just for fun, but also for your future life goals, and having the right partner will help you in this journey.

So thoroughly screen your prospective partners the moment you meet them at your chosen dating platform, and also once you’ve met face to face. 

Prepare a few light questions about your date’s current situation, specifically their career and personal life, as well as their goals and aspirations in life. Make sure that you don’t force these questions, but weave them into a smooth and comfortable conversation. 

5) Practice more efficient time management

One reason why you’ve probably not considered dating before is a lack of time, making you unavailable for a long-term commitment. Little do you know that you can hit more than two birds with one stone by practicing efficient time management. 

That said, your time management system will not be effective if your partner’s isn’t compliant. So ensure that you are on the same page by informing each other about your free and leisure time, so that dating will not become a hindrance for both your careers and family life.

You can also read some stories on time management and productivity to find inspiration.

6) Disclose your parenthood status at the right opportunity

While this tip is entirely your own decision, you should tell your prospective partner about your child and single-parent status at the right time. It’s up to you whether you tell your partner about it when you feel you’re in a consistent relationship, or disclose it immediately at your first meeting.

If you take it slowly, your partner might interpret it as a sign of not wanting immediate help with parenting. They might not even want to get involved right away. However, disclosing this after a while will naturally surprise them.

On the other hand, if you tell them about your single-parent status immediately, this can change a few things in a positive way. Bringing it up on your first date is a brave move, something to be proud of, and you shouldn’t hide it from someone who’s interested in knowing you more.

7) Be honest with your child

While being wary of potential partners is completely fine, never hide the truth from your child about your love life. Although they might not understand it, tell it to them in a simple way just to inform them that they might have a new important person in their life.

The “how” and “when” will depend on the way you go about it, and what feels right for your child as far as their happiness and safety is concerned.

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