Crafting HTML5 games for online casinos: Delving into the details

We all have seen hundreds of slot machines with different features and flashy themes. But how are they developed? Let’s find out.

Developing a slot machine from scratch is a multi-phase process that requires a really serious approach. To craft a new game, one needs to have solid knowledge in the field of animation and video graphics.

However, the hard work doesn’t stop only on these. The crucial part of the development of slot machines is the programming itself – sometimes, one single game requires the use of at least three various programming languages.

So, if you want to develop HTML5 games, you will need the assistance of a highly professional team that understands well the specifics of the segment and continuously follows the trends of the gambling industry.

Let’s see how the entire process of online pokies development goes and what you should pay attention to the most.

The process of online casino game development

Your first task when creating a slot game is to think of the storyline and concept. You can either get inspiration from existing topics and ideas like cards, fruits, jewelry, etc., or invent something new and unique. The most important thing is not to overdo anything – all well-known and favorite HTML5 games come with a straightforward and uncomplicated concept.

One such example is the Book of Ra slot. This is the creation of Novomatic, which has made huge waves in the market after its appearance. The developer just used the character of a one-armed bandit, bringing it to the online environment. And it was the perfect move.

The storyline of this slot revolves around tomb robbers and gold diggers. As for symbols and icons, they are created with the resemblance of Egyptian thematic attributes and symbols. However, the “easiness” and straightforward nature of the plot do not necessarily hinder the video slot from remaining on the top lists for many years.

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Once you have decided on the topic and style of your future game, it’s time to concentrate on the central part of game development – the implementation of technical and graphical components. In order to develop an HTML5 slot game with an accelerated speed, you can use special platforms providing ready-made game mechanics. 

The only thing that requires the interference of the developer, in this case, is the symbol creation, the process of payline setup, and all the work related to animations and the reel’s appearance.

In addition, if you have no time or nerves to develop games yourself, you can turn to the help of professional developers.

Why develop HTML5 casino games? The key benefits 

So, why are HTML5 slots more in demand nowadays? Or What are the main benefits you will get after developing HTML5 games? Let’s throw a look at the key pros below.

  • Seamless operation on all popular operating systems;
  • A wide diversity of video slots;
  • Numerous opportunities for social gambling;
  • No additional plugin is required for installation;
  • Perfect optimization for various screen sizes;
  • Several times faster to load;
  • Stable operation on mobile gadgets;
  • A chance to integrate slot machines with gaming rooms;

Apart from these, HTML5 games have maximum reliability and adhere to up-to-date security measures.

Features of a successful HTML5 casino game

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Not all games developed with HTML5 technology promise to be successful. You still need to consider several factors for a satisfying end result.

  • Engaging gameplay – Create entertaining and challenging games that keep users coming back for more.
  • Responsive controls – Make sure player controls are responsive and intuitive and provide a seamless gaming experience.
  • Quality graphics and sound – Use only high-quality animations, graphics, and visuals to make the game worth playing. And the right music will create a good atmosphere
  • Multiplatform compatibility – Ensure that the game is designed in a way that can be run on various browsers and devices.
  • Monetization options – Incorporate several monetization methods, including virtual goods, premium content, and in-game ads.
  • Social integration – When developing games, don’t forget about social features. These may include multiplayer modes and leaderboards to encourage competition and social interaction.
  • Accessibility – It’s also essential to make the game accessible to all users, including players who have disabilities. You can incorporate features like keyboard controls and text-to-speech functions.

Also, remember to keep the game up-to-date by releasing constant updates, regular events, and new levels.

Embrace a new programming language

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Anyone who has been into slots for a long time can have the delusion that all games are quite similar, and there are not many differentiating features among them. However, this is not true.

Even seemingly two identical slot machines have different development features and characteristics. And this is the case even more when the game is built from the ground based on the unique and individual requirements of the customer.

Overall, the current range of solutions and offers in HTML5 technology can leave anyone confused. The most skilled and well-recognized developers around the world are trying not only to fully comply with the preferences and requirements of the customers but also to fulfill every single wish of each player. And a new programming language gives them this unique chance.