Could your small business benefit from an interim manager?

The past 18 months have been turbulent for small businesses across the UK. Having been shuttered under lockdown restrictions, many brick-and-mortar businesses have been cut off from their customer base. 

For small businesses who often lack the finances to employ large workforces, this has forced owner-founders to let employees go and take on even more responsibilities within their businesses.  

As the UK economy has opened up over the last few months, it has offered small businesses a lifeline and many are now looking at ways to improve their growth and success. When resources are stretched, employing full-time staff again might be too big a gamble. Especially when the UK faces an uncertain economic future.  

Interim managers can provide the perfect solution for stressed-out, overworked business owners. Fitting in seamlessly as a temporary support, interim manager jobs help businesses stay on track in a cost-effective way as possible.  

If your business needs some support getting back up and running as the economy jumps back into gear, here are the benefits to hiring an interim manager to support you.  

Success at speed 

Interim managers are results driven and highly skilled. They can set goals work to deadlines and work on time-critical projects from the get-go. They essentially come into the role hoping to see results instantly and that’s what you can expect.

Immediate impact 

Interim managers often come with a CV bursting at the seams and are usually overqualified for the job. This helps them to make an immediate impact on the daily running of your small business.  

Proven management experience 

Looking for the right candidate for a role can be a long process. With an interim manager, you are provided with a ready-made manager with all the experience needed to get your business going. It also gives you time to look for a replacement with the right skills instead of going through the hiring process quickly and settling for someone who doesn’t have all the skills needed for the role. 

High ROI 

As there is no long-term investment in an interim manager, you could see a higher return on investment (ROI) in a shorter amount of time. At times of financial hardship or uncertainty, this is crucial for your business.  

Flexible working patterns 

The flexibility of hiring an interim manager makes them a perfect choice for small business owners. An interim manager contract can range for 3 months upwards to 3 years, giving you the choice of when to spend on the management you need. 

Keeping your business on track 

Regardless of your current situation, whether your small business is floundering or flourishing, an interim manager can help get and keep your small business on track, giving you more time to focus on everything else it takes to make your business a success.