Confused about SEO? Watch our free webinar

Love to understand how SEO works – and what you can do to help your content rank higher? Watch our free webinar and find out!

If you find SEO confusing you’re very far from alone. Many freelancers and small businesses don’t really get how it works – and when they try to learn more, they just drown in technical jargon and overly complex explanations.

We want to make SEO really simple for you. So at 10am UK time on 10 July, we’re holding a free webinar in which we’ll explain how SEO works for freelancers and small businesses in really simple terms.

In the class, you’ll learn what search engines like Google look for when ranking websites and content, and three things you can do to help your content rank higher.

After the class you’ll understand how SEO works, and what to do to help you improve your own.

Can’t make the webinar live? Book anyway

Can’t make the class live? Please do book your place anyway. We’ll send a recording of the class, and any information about it afterwards to everyone who registers. You’ll also receive a copy of the class slides.

So even if you’re not with us when we go live, you can still watch the class later, in your own time – and get all the benefits.

Book your place on our free SEO webinar now.