Common workplace accidents and what you can do about them

In 2019 alone, over 5,300 workers died in their workplace, equivalent to approximately 15 deaths every day. That means regardless of where you work, the chances of getting injured – or even killed – at the workplace are often high.

Whether your workplace injuries result from toxic exposure, chemical burns, or slip and fall accidents, you may qualify to collect workers’ comp benefits. However, knowing what workplace injuries are eligible for compensation and what to do right after accidents at work can help you maximize your chances of recovery.

Reporting a workplace accident

One of the first things you need to do after a workplace accident is to report your injuries to your employer. When doing this, be sure to fulfill all the legal requirements specific to your state. Different states have different laws concerning the time window within which an injured employee can file a report with their manager or supervisor if they intend to file a claim for their injuries. 

In Pennsylvania, for example, occupational injuries must be reported to the supervisor not later than 21 days from the date of the accident or 48 hours if an accident results in death. If you’re not sure what to do after a workplace injury, a workers’ comp lawyer can help you understand the steps to reporting a workplace injury so you can collect all the benefits you deserve.

Common workplace accidents and injuries that qualify for compensation

Here are three common workplace accidents and injuries that qualify for compensation.

1) Slips trips and falls

Slips, trips, and falls account for over 30% of all workplace accidents. These accidents can happen in all sorts of working environments, from classrooms to offices to factories. Although gravity plays a part in contributing to these types of accidents, poor working environments are generally to blame. The most significant causes of slip trip and fall accidents include loose floor mats, wet floors, oil spills, debris on the floor, and poor or damaged flooring.

If you have been injured in a slip, trip, and fall accident and cannot resume work, filing a workers’ comp claim against your employer may be necessary. Keep in mind that working with a workers’ compensation lawyer can provide invaluable guidance. Check out to learn more.

2) Musculoskeletal injuries

Ever exertion, repetitive tasks, and working in awkward postures over extended periods can result in injuries broadly classified as musculoskeletal injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries are classified into three broad categories; muscle injuries, tendon injuries, and nerve injuries. If you can prove that your musculoskeletal injuries resulted from poor work conditions on your job site that your employer failed to address, your attorney can help you collect the benefits you deserve.

3) Falling from heights

Falling from heights is a prevalent type of accident in the construction industry. According to Health and Safety International, it’s also the leading cause of deaths in the sector. Falling from heights is not limited to the construction industry and may also happen in any working environment. For instance, a worker in an office environment may suffer a fall from a height type of accident while trying to access something out of reach using a ladder or a table. 

Employers should provide their workers with suitable platforms for accessing heights, train workers on safety when working at heights, and implement safety measures to minimize these types of accidents.

However, if you get injured due to falling from heights and your employer is to blame, you may be entitled to a payout. If this is the case you will want to contact a personal injury lawyer as you may be entitled to more, for loss of earnings and may even be able to have your medical bills paid for. 

Lessen the impact of workplace accidents

Suffering injuries at work can be traumatizing. Besides the physical injuries, you may have to deal with emotional distress due to piling medical bills and lost wages. The good news is that working with a workers’ comp attorney can help you collect all the benefits you deserve and lessen the impact of a workplace accident.