Choosing the right web scraping tools for small businesses

Web scraping is a very powerful tool used by businesses of all sizes to improve their offers and provide better services. Find out how to choose the right one for you.

Web scraping is a practice that involves scanning websites and pulling valuable information that can be used to improve businesses.

Businesses all around the world use web scraping to monitor their competitors, find the latest trends on the market, get a better understanding of what their customers want, and improve marketing methods. In this article we’ll explain how to choose the best web scraping tools for your business.

How scraping can help any business

Web scraping is a handy tool if you know how to read the information you extract. Businesses use various web scraping tools to see what their competitors are doing to be successful. 

For example, it can be used to find the latest industry trends. Falling behind with offers and marketing methods can destroy your ROI and eat through your ad budget in no time. Scraping can help you find out what the industry leaders are doing, and you can implement the methods into your own company, making sure that you stay in tune with the latest practices.

Furthermore, it’s very useful for finding out what your customers want. By pulling data from all social media, forums, and websites like Reddit, businesses get a better idea of what their customers want and need. That allows them to come up with a better offer, according to the targeted audience’s needs, resulting in more sales and visibility.

Lastly, web scraping can also be used to find new marketing methods that provide better results than the ones currently used. 

Choosing web scraping tools

Now that you know what web scraping is used for, it’s important to understand the differences between web scraping tools. We won’t go over all available options here, but we will look at one popular option. 

Web scraping with proxies

Proxies are a suitable choice if you have all the necessary resources and a team of developers capable of building an in-house web scraper.

Wondering how to web scrape without being blocked? Proxies can improve your web scraper, even if your competitors try to block you from accessing their website. Simply put, every time you use your device to connect to the internet and scrape for information, you leave a recognizable mark that allows your competitors to block you. They can easily check your IP address and decide to prevent you from snooping around their websites. 

Proxy services are designed to hide your original IP address and replace it with another one usually located far away from your original location. That way, every time you want to see what your competition is doing and gather publicly available data, you will appear as a different user, so they won’t know who to block. If you want to use this, then you can click here to explore reliable proxy solutions from SpeedProxies.

It doesn’t matter how hard they try, you’ll still be able to scan their website and work around the blocks they implement.

Web scraping tools for smaller companies

As we mentioned earlier, web scraping tools provide multiple benefits when it comes to an understanding of what your customers want and making sure that you’re in tune with the latest industry trends. Also, it can help you get a better idea of what to expect in the future.

In fact, businesses worldwide use web scraping tools to predict future trends and make sure that they are the first ones who implement them. Today’s market is unforgiving, so businesses use every bit of information they can to get better placement for their websites. 

Smaller companies can get the most benefits from using a third-party web scraping API because they won’t need to maintain proxies, deal with challenging web scraping tasks, etc. They can dedicate their time to data analysis processes that help them base their offers according to the industry’s biggest names.

In other words, web scraping takes all of the guesswork out of the equation and replaces it with facts that provide benefits for sure. If you’re interested in starting web scraping, we suggest you check out Oxylabs’ blog article about web scraping API for more information. 

Building a small local business can be hard, especially if the competition is fierce. They already have a hold of the local market, but the chances are that they use traditional methods and marketing tools to spread the word about their offers. Using web scraping tools, you will be able to create a better offer and steal a piece of the market without anyone even knowing. 

Is web scraping right for you?

Web scraping became a must for businesses from far and wide. It turned out to be one of the best methods of finding out what your competition is doing and what your audience wants to see.

However, since many companies try to prevent competitors from snooping around their websites, using a proxy web scraper can help you work around censorship and blocks until you find what you need.