Choosing the perfect corporate gifts for a client or employee: Coffee, food, gadgets, and more

If you’re an entrepreneur or run your own company, you know that some relationships with clients and customers go so deep that it lasts for a lifetime (we aren’t exaggerating). Click here for a guide to welcome new hires.

Though choosing to stay with a brand or company is completely up to the client’s individual choice, you play a huge role in building and maintaining a strong relationship. 

Which is why it’s crucial that you spend some time on thinking of good and meaningful ways in which you can connect with your clients and employees, and make them feel good about being related to both you and your brand. 

There are a lot of ways in which you can do this – a quick catch-up every once in a while, remembering their birthdays (if you happen to be close enough), and even getting them a gift whenever the situation seems right, such as a sweet and chocolate hamper. So look at just some of the kinds of gifts you can get for them, whatever the occasion may be.

1) Give them gadgets that they’ll appreciate

The reason why this is number one on the list is because the current work culture involves a lot of gadgets. Even a kindergarten teacher can’t seem to work without at least two or three tech gadgets today. Remote work has made everyone realize the importance of having high-quality hardware (and software), so gadgets are always going to be a great gift for anyone who works in the coming years. 

If you’re planning on giving your employees a corporate gift, you should consider getting them gadgets that will simplify their work, especially if you’re following a hybrid work model. There is a curated selection of digital accessories from Statik to enhance your efficiency and wellbeing.

Bluetooth speakers, power banks, wireless earphones, and even blue light blocking glasses are some excellent work gifts. The best part is that you can show them you care about their wellbeing and health through your gifts, even if it’s a tech product. 

2) Choose coffee-related gifts for your clients or employees

Speaking of gifts people love, coffee-related gifts and coffee hampers have seen a sudden rise in demand ever since the pandemic started. With work from home and lockdowns taking a toll on people, coffee seems to be one of the drinks that give them comfort, especially since most people don’t have the luxury of going to their local Starbucks or café whenever they feel like it anymore. 

The main point here is that you can’t go wrong with coffee, and you know for sure that it’s a gift they’ll truly appreciate. If you’re not sure what kind of gift coffee lovers will enjoy and need inspiration, you can check out Roasty Coffee – a site which talks about every kind of gift you can give a true coffee lover. 

Additionally, if you know they love a certain type of coffee, such as a gourmet kona coffee, or have a particular brand of coffee that they truly enjoy, you can get them a gift card or coffee hamper for the same. Alternatively, you can give them a ticket to coffee roasting classes with Current Crop so they can be a step closer to becoming a coffee expert.

3) Everyone loves a goodie box filled with food

People love to snack. Though that’s a fact, it doesn’t guarantee that everything they snack on is necessarily healthy. When giving someone a gift, it’s a good idea to keep three things in mind: 

  1. It has value and is useful. 
  2. It looks delightful.
  3. It doesn’t affect their health or lifestyle adversely. 

So, though getting them a box of chocolates may seem like the easiest thing to do, it’s better to be thoughtful and mindful of their health, and go for a goodie box filled with healthy snacks instead. Protein bars, dried fruits and nuts, and dark chocolate can be some of the gifts to include in it. 

At the end of the day, you may even introduce them to a couple of healthy snacks that they never knew existed!

Photo by Dmitry Mashkin