CBD oil for dogs: What to consider before giving it to your pet

Considering giving your dog CBD oil? Here are some things you need to consider first.

Cannabidiol products can be found in many different of forms, ranging from edibles and capsules to oils and tinctures. The great thing about these products is that they are completely natural, when bought from a credible dispensary of course. 

Knowing that CBD products are 100% organic provides a great sense of relief for people who might consider using it. This gives them the reassurance to take it as daily supplement to help treat symptoms of medical conditions. (Wondering what is CBD? Go here to learn more.)

In recent years, these products have been reported to not only be beneficial to humans but also their pets. Animals like cats, dogs, and horses can highly benefit from taking cannabidiol treats or oils every day.

When it comes to your beloved canine, you might choose to introduce CBD oil into their diet as a supplement, or you can get Hemp dog treats for your friend. But what should you consider before giving it to your dog? Here are a few factors worth thinking about.

Credible dispensaries

As mentioned before, credible dispensaries will be able to give their consumers high-quality products. Before even considering buying any kind of cannabidiol product, you should do some homework on the manufacturer you want to purchase it from. 

Check whether the company has a physical address listed on their website. Also have a sneak peak at their online ratings as well as online presence. Most credible wholesalers and producers will have a strong internet presence. This means that previous customers might have already tested their products. 

Previous customers are also motivated to leave online reviews by these manufacturers, since they know that it will strengthen their credibility. You can speak to customer care to get a better idea of where they get their canine CBD oil products from. As well as get an initial feeling of their customer loyalty and assistance. 

It’s worth mentioning, that because cannabidiol’s medicinal benefits haven’t been scientifically proven, no manufacturer can guarantee any results. Claiming that their products are 100% proven by scientists or doctors is actually against the FDAs rules and guidelines. All CBD products have the potential to give dogs and humans results, but it isn’t yet guaranteed. 

Broad spectrum

When it comes to cannabidiol oils, there are three different types: Full-spectrum, Broad-spectrum, and isolate. Depending on what type the product is, it refers to the quality and content. Here is a short guideline to the three types: 

  • Full-Spectrum: Contains THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids
  • Broad-Spectrum: Contains CBD and other cannabinoids
  • Isolate: Contains only CBD

Broad-spectrum is the best type for dogs, because the high CBD content is highly beneficial. Other cannabinoids are natural and different terpenes are added organic supplements from the hemp plant. 

Certifications and licensing

To ensure that the product is free from any chemicals and harmful substances, you should request a COA from the manufacturer. This COA stands for Certificate of Analysis and is usually conducted by a third-party lab. The lab will take specimens of the products and put it through a series of different tests to determine the ingredients. 

Request this report to know exactly what is inside the product. For dogs, you should make double sure the following ingredients aren’t within the CBD oil: 

  • Pesticides: Even organic cannabidiol oil products might have been contaminated by pesticides sprayed on nearby crops. These pesticides are harmful to your canine. 
  • Metals: lead and other pollutants shouldn’t be present in the product
  • Microbials: Double check whether there are any pathogens present. Pathogens like E. coli and Salmonella are very toxic to dogs

When a dispensary refuses to give you the COA or doesn’t have one on hand to present to you, then don’t buy from them. 

Buying a good quality product with all the right ingredients, will give your dog the opportunity to experience benefits from the product. Wondering whether CBD oil will actually work for your pooch? Check out this review

THC toxicity

It is extremely important to not give your dog any product that contains THC. THC is the compound found within the cannabis plant that has psychoactive effects. It is extremely toxic to dogs. 

If you are a recreational marijuana smoker, you should always make sure that your marijuana is well out of your dog’s sight. The legal limit for any cannabidiol product is 0.3% THC content. But, any product with 0% THC is even better. 

When your dog does digest THC it can be very harmful to their health and cause diarrhoea, vomiting, anxiety, and many other adverse results. This is why, manufacturers have created CBD oil specifically for canines. It ensures that it is 100% safe for them to digest without experiencing any side effects. 

CBD oil vs hemp oil

Hemp oil contains little to no CBD. Hemp oil in itself isn’t beneficial to your dog’s health. Rather check the label for CBD hemp oil. This usually means that the manufacturers have extracted oil from the hemp plant’s flower – the flower is the part where most of the cannabidiols are stored.

Oils can be made from the rest of the plant matter, where there aren’t a high percentage of cannabidiols present. 

Before giving your beloved dog any extra supplements, it’s important to consider the above-mentioned factors. Also, check with your veterinary or a credible dispensary to know exactly what dosage they should be taking on a daily schedule.