Casino games and themes women love to play

It is often assumed that casino games are loved almost exclusively by men. But, contrary to the popular stereotype, many woman also enjoy visiting casinos.

In fact, woman are attending casinos in record numbers – they just often prefer to play different games to men. In this article we will explore the kind of themes and games women choose to play when they visit casinos around the world.

What are the themes you will find in casinos? 

Casino themes vary to attract different types of players. Because casino designer know that the type of games and themes people are drawn to varies due to personal preference.

If you are planning to visit an online casino, before you start playing int is important to read reviews about it. Top websites have live gambling options for women that offer an immersive gaming experience. Common examples include: 

  • Adventure and fantasy: Women enjoy adventure-themed games. They explore topics relating to magical creatures, fantasy worlds, ancient myths, etc. 
  • Romance and love: Many casinos incorporate romance into their games. Since most ladies relate more to the idea than men, they select events with images of hearts, flowers, and couples. 
  • Fashion and glamor: Another popular selection women love is a theme related to fashion. They look out for images of jewelry, luxury brands, and high-end clothing. 

What casinos and types of games do women like to play? 

Many people say women and gambling don’t mix. But it only takes a trip to a casino to invalidate the bias. Here are some of the most popular games for women. 


Poker appeals to many women because it is one of the most complex betting activities. Unlike men, most women prefer to play the online version, and you won’t find many of them in land-based casinos.

Women prefer playing real money casinos, and the examples of the best you can find are explained at for easy selection. They explore Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven-card stud, and other variants and win based on their skill and luck. Women participate in online poker tournaments and are comfortable with playing different variations. 

Slot machines 

The slot is a beloved game by many, including women. This is not surprising since slot machines take the crown as the most popular online game. And guess who also contributed to the numbers? Women!

Slots are available in different shapes, sizes, and themes. As a result, it is considerably easy to find one you’ll love. While playing, women socialize with others and don’t necessarily have to focus on the cards in their hands, unlike poker. 


Many people argue that there are more women roulette players than men, and we cannot prove or disprove that hypothesis. But one thing is for sure, it is a popular game with women.

When you think about it,rouletteis easier to play and win compared to other games. You only need to focus on the roulette table. It does not involve too many decisions, and people come away with positive experiences, whether they win or lose. Most women prefer European roulette to its American variant but don’t mind playing the latter.  


Bingo is just not for old people, as many would have you believe. The game of chance involves marking off numbers on a card randomly drawn by the call. The aim is to be the first player to mark all the numbers on their card using different patterns.

Bingo is often played in large groups. Hence, it is one of the best activities for social gatherings. Many women prefer the game for its gentle pace and an opportunity to socialize and have fun in a relaxing environment. 


Most men have not heard of Slingo before, but it is a popular selection among women. It combines the features of slots and bingo into one game. As a result, you won’t have any trouble learning it if you know how to play either.

Slingo has various gameplay variations. They include Slingo extremes, Slingo classics, etc. Women like the mid-pace, high rewards, and low-risk features of the game. 


Blackjack lets you socialize since up to six people play at once. It is more social than slots and has become popular in online casinos. The game has simple rules and fast-paced gameplay, and skilled players can easily gain an edge over the house. 


Craps is another online casino game that many women favor. It is a dice game played with two dice, and the aim is to bet on the outcome of a roll or series of rolls. The tables are fun, and for some reason, women understand them better than men. 

How many women like to play in online casinos? 

Women participating in online gambling has steadily increased over the past decade. According to statistics, over 4.6 million US women joined betting apps in 2021. The female user rate grew by 115% compared to 2020.

Although the number is still low compared to men, there is growth regardless. Many sportsbooks have successfully attracted new female users, with a higher proportion of women than men in their user base. For example, BetRivers signed about 600,000 women in 2021. In contrast, it partnered with just under 380,000 men. 

Women enjoy sports just as much as men. However, they are not often vocal about it. Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular among women of all ages, especially those over 35 years. And in general, society is starting to treat online casinos better and better, as it helps people not only in relaxing, earning money, but also plays an important economic role for countries where casinos are welcome.

They visit casinos, play bingo or dogs, join national lottery draws, and play online. Unlike men, gambling provides an opportunity to socialize and enjoy time with friends. As a result, the risk rates are lower than in male counterparts.

Statistics show that more women are gambling

If you think women don’t gamble, you’ve been visiting the wrong casino online. Gambling is not gender-specific, as we’ve revealed above.

Statistics show women are taking an active part in the industry and finding them to be quite enjoyable. But due to stereotypes, most ladies prefer online casinos to physical ones. To meet the rising demand, providers are offering an extensive list of games they can explore and enjoy.