Can’t afford to join Social Media Moneymaker? Here’s why you can’t afford NOT to

Love to join Social Media Moneymaker but think you can’t afford it? Find out why you can’t afford NOT to join – and why it’s time to finally invest in your success. 

We’re already getting fantastic feedback on Social Media Moneymaker, our new course with Cat Davies. But we’re also hearing a few social media managers say they can’t afford it.

And if that’s you, we understand how you feel.

Not that long ago, I was struggling to make the money I knew I should be making from Talented Ladies Club. Our readership was going through the roof and our courses were selling, but we weren’t selling enough courses at a high enough price for me to take a salary from the business.

So I did something that may seem strange: I started spending. Specifically I invested in a business coach.

Investing in coaching put Talented Ladies Club in the red

Now business coaching doesn’t come cheap. In fact, I pay less on my mortgage than I do on business coaching. And when I first started seeing my business coach, I put Talented Ladies Club in the red. Not just for one month, but for six months.

But I knew it was important. It was an investment.

And the key to any kind of up-skilling is in that one word. Investment. If you spend money on coaching or training, you should expect to receive more back in valuable benefits or actual cold, hard cash. Maybe not immediately, but within a reasonable time frame.

And that’s what happened to Talented Ladies Club. Directly because of business coaching, our profits started to rise. Slowly at first, and then faster. And they’ve been climbing ever since. The business is now making much more than it ever did – even taking into account the ongoing cost of coaching.

Already we’re helping social media managers charge more and land more clients

So how does this relate to you and Social Media Moneymaker?

Easy, because of that one word: investment. Buying Social Media Moneymaker is an investment in yourself and your business – and one you should see repay you far more than the cost of joining.

It’s already proving the case for at least two people on the course (and we only launched it publicly this week)!

Melanie Eilers from Socially Sound said:

“I took all the prices out of my rate card and then walked into a new pitch with a client and came out with an initial strategy for Facebook at twice my original price, and weekly channel management at what I was originally going to charge for one month – so effectively almost 4x as much!”

And Laura Moore from More Than a Mutha said:

“I’ve picked up strategies to deal with my imposter syndrome, which has already allowed me to secure my first client (despite not finishing this, or the other course I am currently taking). Cat and  Hannah share a lot of valuable lessons.”

We expect you to earn back the cost of the course – and more

I want to be really clear here: if you implement the strategies we teach you in Social Media Moneymaker, I expect you to easily make back the cost of the course, and more. In fact, just landing one new ongoing client because of the course could deliver a 100% return every month.

So don’t tell yourself you shouldn’t do the course because you’re struggling to make ends meet. You should do the course precisely because you’re struggling to make ends meet. And don’t tell yourself you can’t afford it. believe that you can’t afford to not do it.

Investing in Social Media Moneymaker will show how to stop struggling to earn money from the wrong clients. Instead, we’ll teach you how to find the right ones – and when you do, how to sell your services to them at prices that mean you don’t need to struggle any more.

Already other social media managers are taking the course. They’re increasing their prices and they’re finding clients who will pay those prices. Can you really afford to miss out on that? Isn’t it time you invested in your success and started seeing those results too?

Take a look inside Social Media Moneymaker

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