Cannabis as a solution to menstrual pain? Discover what experts are saying

Did you know that 75% of women usually have menstrual cramps, and many seek alternatives to painkillers?

Some studies suggest that CBD could help reduce inflammation. These studies are limited, but some already indicate positive results. 

As there are many convenient purchasing choices for these cannabis products, some access weed delivery in Edmonton. Let’s see what experts have to say.

What is menstrual pain?

Menstrual pain is also known as period pain or dysmenorrhea. It is a discomfort that may occur before or during a woman’s period.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the symptoms that can begin a week or two before menstruation.

While hormonal changes trigger menstrual pain, the exact cause is still unknown.

Menstrual pain varies in intensity, with some experiencing mild discomfort and others facing severe pain that affects daily life. A 2021 research review found that 16–91% of women experience menstrual pain, with 2–29% experiencing severe pain.

Common symptoms of menstrual pain include:

  • Lower abdominal cramps
  • Back pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • vomiting

Additionally, headaches, irritability, and tiredness may be part of menstrual pain.

Menstrual pain and cannabis connection

The use of cannabis for pain relief is not a new idea. It dates back 5000 years, when Egyptians used it to treat neuralgia, headaches, and toothaches. 

Recently, there has been a growing interest in using CBD to treat menstrual pain. CBD’s pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties may help with specific menstrual discomforts, including lower back pain and lower abdominal cramps. Both cannabis and CBD have been shown to alleviate similar symptoms. 

According to Teitelbaum J, various studies indicate relief from joint pain, fibromyalgia pain, migraines, and spinal pain. While there are NO specific studies on menstrual cramps, there is ENOUGH evidence to support relief from acute and chronic pain.

Emotional and mental symptoms of PMS

Premenstrual syndrome extends beyond physical symptoms to include emotional and mental disturbances. This category involves mood swings, anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances, including insomnia.

Studies suggest that CBD is a potential solution for anxiety, supported by subjective data comparisons to other medications and objective neuroimaging studies showing reduced activity in emotional brain regions. Shannon et al. found that CBD decreased anxiety scores in 79.2% of the study population, with sustained low scores throughout the study. Marijuana use in young adult females has also been linked to reduced tension and stress.

While there’s evidence that THC use might induce anxiety, an appraisal and meta-analysis of high-quality research found no statistical significance in THC causing anxiety. Future studies should differentiate between THC and CBD. THC may pose potential anxiety risks, whereas CBD appears to relieve such symptoms.

Cannabis and CBD are recognized for their ability to alleviate various issues, including sleeplessness, stress, inflammation, and lingering anxiety. Studies have shown the effectiveness of high-concentration CBD products alone or with THC compounds in treating symptoms associated with anxiety, sleep disorders, arthritis, and headaches. One study reported a 29% improvement in quality of life, including sleep problems, after four months of CBD use.

How to use CBD for menstrual cramps


To use CBD tinctures:

  1. Take drops orally with a dropper.
  2. Place the drops under your tongue or add them to drinks.
  3. Always follow the product instructions and be mindful of the dosage.
  4. Learn more about CBD tinctures.


Apply topical CBD products like balms, creams, and lotions directly to the skin for targeted relief from menstrual cramps. It may be harder to measure the dosage with topicals, and a patch test is recommended before applying them to larger areas of the body to check for any skin reactions.

Capsules or pills

Orally take CBD capsules or pills, making it easier to measure the dosage. Learn more about CBD dosages.


Explore the variety of CBD gummy products available in different flavours. Learn more about CBD gummies.


Apply CBD patches directly to the skin, targeting specific areas of pain. Some patches can deliver CBD through the skin for several days before needing replacement. Learn more about CBD patches for pain.

Easy pain relief alternatives for menstrual cramps

Self-care methods

Women experiencing menstrual pain should do self-care. It is essential to have over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Low-intensity exercises

Reduce menstrual pain with low-intensity exercises such as stretching and yoga. These exercises were slightly more effective than pain relief medication.

Heat therapy

The use of heat therapy, like a heating pad or hot water bottle, was found to be effective in reducing menstrual pain.

Cannabis product list

FeatureFarm FuelMimosaLemon OG
THC Potency29%27-29%23-25%
CBD Content1%1%1-2%
Strain TypeHybridSativa-dominant Hybrid Indica-dominant
Flavour ProfileStrong diesel-like with a hint of sweetnessCocktail-inspiredLemon Skunk and OG blend
EffectsCreativity, energy, euphoria, happiness, relaxation, upliftmentHappiness, clear-headed in moderate doses, calming and sleepy in larger dosesSleepiness, relaxation, mood upliftment, appetite stimulation
Medicinal UsesAnxiety, appetite loss, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, headaches, migraines, nausea, PTSD, stressDepression, stress reliefInsomnia, appetite stimulation, nausea relief, stress

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CBD compounds have been researched and proven effective in treating various symptoms like chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Since many of these symptoms are common in women experiencing PMS, CBD might serve as a suitable and natural alternative for managing these issues. 

More research is required, specifically on the use of CBD for treating PMS symptoms. Currently, there are not enough studies focusing on CBD-only treatments without THC, and the potential side effects of CBD are not well understood. Despite these gaps, the review suggests CBD is good for managing menstrual symptoms.

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Frequently asked questions

Is CBD effective for menstrual cramps?

While there’s limited evidence supporting CBD’s effectiveness for menstrual cramps, some studies indicate it may reduce inflammation. In a 2019 study, participants reported CBD oil being most effective in reducing pain caused by endometriosis.

Can CBD be applied to tampons?

Avoid putting CBD oil on a tampon and inserting it into the vagina. It may disrupt the balance of bacteria and acids, leading to irritation and infection.

Does CBD stop periods?

No. CBD does not impact the natural hormonal fluctuations that regulate menstrual cycles. Hormones like estrogen and progesterone control these.

What is ehe right CBD dosage for menstrual cramps?

As there are no official guidelines for CBD dosages, follow the package instructions. Start with a low dose, slowly upgrading to assess tolerance and effectiveness. Consult a doctor for advice on appropriate dosages before trying a new CBD product.