Can you make a long distance relationship work?

These days, long distance relationships (LDR) are far more common than most people realize. Did you know 14 million couples describe themselves as being in an LDR?

Now, granted, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are all half a world away because distance is subjective. However, it does suggest that people are more open to this type of connection these days.

If you look at dating apps, they certainly take this into account. Pay a little extra and you can virtually travel wherever you want to go. Alternatively, you might have met someone on a trip abroad. But if you feel the connection, can you make this relationship work and what will it take?

Be honest

Immediately, due to the distance, it’s going to be more difficult to trust your partner outright. That’s why you need to make sure that you are being honest from the beginning and work to maintain that honesty.

It’s important not to hide things even if you are worried they could put your relationship in jeopardy. It will come back to bite you sooner or later. 

Use the tech

If the lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the tech in our hands and available at our fingertips can be an absolute game changer. This is certainly true if you are planning to enter into a long distance relationship.

If you have Apple then Facetime will be your friend. Alternatively, you can explore Skype, Whatsapp and more. Alternatively, if you are interested in introducing them into the family, try a Zoom call. It’s your choice, they all have their perks.

Of course, you should also be thinking a little more outside the box with the tech you’re using. For instance, you can use software to watch movies together simultaneously on Netflix and other streamers. 

Alternatively, if you’re a gamer then the latest VR headsets and similar devices are a great way to interact. 

Tangible surprises 

What you can accomplish in terms of surprises and gifts will depend on your budget. However, a surprise doesn’t have to major. It could be a handwritten letter in the post. Things like this will keep the spark alive, even when you are apart. 

Be realistic

Yes, there are going to be difficulties, particularly as your relationship gets more serious. However, there are also solutions.

If you reach the point where you want to commit completely, you need to think about a spouse visa or a similar option that will allow you to move to the same place. This is always going to be the end goal but it won’t happen overnight. 

You need to understand that once you’re in a relationship like this, you could be apart for years. You have to resign yourself to this possibility if it’s going to work. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key ways that you can make a long distance relationship work. Regardless of how many miles are between you, if your hearts are intertwined, you shouldn’t let anything stop you working towards being together.

You just need to know the hurdles between you and the tools you can use to overcome them.

Photo by Nathan McBride