Can I hire an attorney if my child is hurt at school?

Has your child been hurt at school? Find out if you need to hire an attorney to learn what has happened.

If your child gets hurt at school or anywhere, it is important to find out everything you can about the incident. Just like physical trauma, mental stress caused by an incident can impact them as they grow up. And you have every right to talk to a lawyer about what’s going on.

If your child got hurt at school, do you need a lawyer?

Young kids like to mess around in the school grounds. Playing games with their friends is something they look forward to. But sometimes your child may get hurt or scared when playing games, and confide in you when they get home?

What can you do when this happens? It might be hard to understand, especially if your child is young and can’t tell you everything. You might not even know who did it, or the school staff might not be willing to help you much.

In this scenario, you have every right to talk to a lawyer and discover what’s happening if you are concerned. Understanding the legal aspects can be challenging, which is why some parents consult external resources for navigating the legal landscape when a child is injured at school.


It’s not a good idea to try to work out who did something wrong based on rumors. It would be more wise to tell the personal injury lawyer you’re talking to about your fear and the evidence you already have.

The lawyer will look at the case carefully and determine if the violent act was an accident or if it was deliberate, and who is responsible:

  • If it is bullying by a bigger and stronger schoolmate, in a court of law, a young child can’t be blamed for what happened. But in most cases, parents of the injured child can sue the parents of the aggressor if they hurt their child.
  • The school’s leaders are also in charge of keeping order and preventing violence from happening on school grounds. The school staff may have to deal with the consequences if the personal injury lawyers can prove that they were involved in the incident.

Proving liability

A good lawyer can help you find evidence and get you the justice you deserve once the truth comes out. But your lawyer must be able to show that whatever incident happened could have been avoided. If you can show the following, the case is likely to go in your favor:

  • The person who did something wrong or the defendant was in charge of the school when the crime happened.
  • The person who got hurt (your child) should have been on the property when the accident happened.


Your case against the school or its staff will not be heard by the courts if:

  • Your child gets hurt while playing sports. Students are told about the risks and usually participate in a sport after accepting that fact.
  • The case will probably be thrown out if your child got hurt on school property outside regular school hours or on holiday.

If your child got hurt at school, you should try to find out everything you can, as the mental trauma can stay with them if not properly addressed. Talk to a skilled personal injury attorney today for a free consultation.

You should definitely talk to a lawyer

We’re not telling you that you have to hire a personal injury lawyer, but depending on your situation, it might be a good idea. Filing a claim against an institution, especially a government institution like a public school, can be challenging for people unfamiliar with the law.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer to give you personalized legal advice can make the next steps easier and help strengthen your case.

They will also file the notice and the personal injury lawsuit on your behalf, giving you more time to take care of your child. You will also have the reassurance that you have professional advice and support on your side, so you can properly advocate for your child and hopefully get answers and justice for them.

Consult with a lawyer

Your child getting hurt is one of the worst things parent can experience. It’s in our nature to want to protect them from any harm that might come their way, and it’s a huge leap of trust for parents and other caregivers to leave children in the care of others.

If your child was hurt at school and you want to hire a lawyer, the best way to find out if you have a case is to talk to a law firm with a lot of experience. Most consultations are free, and a lawyer will speak to you about your options and legal rights so you can get a better idea of how your case might go.