Can gaming help your productivity at work?

Did you know that studies have found happiness plays a big part in employee productivity? 

One study found that employee happiness helped to boost their productivity levels by 12%. Whilst another study of salespeople suggested that those who were happier sold 37% more on average than their unhappy peers.

Increasing employee productivity is very important in workplaces around the world. Keep reading to discover whether gaming can increase productivity at work.

Productivity vs distractions

Many people would immediately dismiss the idea of having distractions in the workplace such as gaming facilities or a ping pong table. After all, you want your employees to be working not playing games. 

Some businesses worry about the fine line between productivity and distractions. No business wants their employees to come into work and just play video games all day. For your business to stay afloat your employees need to be dedicated to getting the job done before getting distracted. 

One study found that the average employee spends about two hours 53 minutes actually doing work. The rest of the time is spent reading news websites, checking social media, talking to coworkers about non-work related topics, searching for new jobs, taking smoke breaks, playing ping pong with the help of the likes of and eating or drinking. Or using best pool ping pong combo

The question about whether introducing gaming laptops and gaming facilities into your workplace could cause more distractions is a very important one. You don’t want your employees spending even more of their day not working, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on new equipment. 

However, the history of video games shows that playing at work might actually help to boost the productivity of your employees. That is because playing video games at work can help to reduce stress, improve teamwork, and give your employees the boost they need to complete their work. And of course a great gaming experience can only come along with good gaming accessories like a professional gaming mouse

How can playing games at work boost productivity?

Stress is a leading cause as to why employees say they are unproductive. Playing games at work can help to reduce your employees stress levels. It can also help employees find escapism from mundane tasks, which if they stay sat at their computers trying to get through for hours on end can take its toll and lead to employee burn-out. 

Top tip: If you are thinking of introducing gaming into your workplace then make sure your employees don’t abuse the gaming facilities. Allow employees to partake in playing games during their lunch break, or designate certain times where they can play.

Playing games at work with your coworkers can also help to build teamwork within your business. Find games that your workplace can play together and that can improve your employee’s relationships with each other. The feeling of inclusion can help to boost employee engagement and productivity at work too.

Top tip: Run gaming tournaments and organise teams of people who don’t usually get a chance of working together to help boost your workplace culture.

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Photo by Mike Meyers