Can an epilator be used to remove facial hair?

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your outfit, how carefully applied your makeup, and how expensive your hairstyle – excess facial hair can you feeling self-conscious and unattractive.

Facial hair is complexly natural, but some women can have more facial hair than others. And many find facial hair on the chin, sideburns, and on the upper lip embarrassing.

Around one in 14 women have something called ‘hirsutism’, where excessive hair appears in a male pattern on a woman’s body. But many more women who don’t have an extreme of facial hair still feel very uncomfortable about it.

This explains why so many are prepared to go through pain and spend a lot of money to eradicate their facial hair at beauty parlours.

Thankfully, the options for home removal today have moved beyond tweezing, plucking and shaving. Advances in technology has given us the chance to remove hair in the privacy of our own home using a machine called an epilator. 

Epilators are designed to take hair our from its roots. Most women associate them with removing leg hair, but they’re just as effective on facial hair.

Epilators are designed to take hair our from its roots. Most women associate them with removing leg hair, but they’re just as effective on facial hair.

These hand-held devices have more tweezer heads to help remove hair on your face. (Before you start using one though, it’s important to check that it’s safe to sue on your face, as not all models are.)

There are two options when it comes to choosing and epilator. The first is a dry epilator which can be used without the help of water. The second, a wet epilator, can be used in the shower.

Removing hair by the roots can be painful, and some people can feel some discomfort the first time they use an epilator. Some parts of your body are also more sensitive and some are less. But the more you use an epilator, the less it usually hurts.

How to use an epilator

Similar to waxing, an epilator removes the hair at its root. It plucks the hair as you move the device to over your face or body. In order to get that best result, it’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin first. By doing so, it prevents ingrown hairs and helps to remove dead skin cells.

When you’re ready, start the device and then position it in a 90-degree angle to your skin. Don’t press the epilator to your skin, but instead move it slowly and gently in the direction of the hair growth.

As a gentle reminder, be careful not to point the epilator in the opposite direction of your hair growth. This will mean that you cut the hair at the skin, and won’t remove it from the root.

Some epilators have different speed options. If yours does, it’s wise to start with the lowest setting first, and as you become more comfortable with the feeling, gradually increase the speed.

Apply moisturizer after using epilators for face hairs to keep your skin fresh and reduce any redness and irritation. After using your epilator, clean it to remove any hairs, which will reduce the risk of skin infection on later uses. 

The benefits of using an epilator

As an epilator is small and compact, you can easily store it in your bathroom, or pack it into your bag or case if you want to take it wth you when you go traveling.

Another benefit of using an epilator is that it makes your skin look smooth and refined. The result may also last longer when compared to waxing and shaving. That’s because, when you use an epilator, your hair does not regrow overnight. Instead it grows at a slower rate, and when your hair does grow back it often feels and looks softer and finer. 

Aside from giving you a beautiful look, epilators can save you a considerable amount of money when compared to visiting beauty salons for hair removal, making it an affordable alternative.

So if you are wondering whether an epilator might be a good choice to remove your facial hair, we hope this article has given you an insight ito some of the benefits.