Busting common myths about student management systems

The rising popularity and worldwide usage of student management systems have made organization and communication a lot easier in any educational institution.

Gone are the days when kids forgot to pass important messages to parents or lost printed notices from school.

Student management systems have simplified how schools and colleges store student and teacher information, keep track of assignments and attendance and deliver and receive updates. 

You may have a lot more questions about this technology and you’ve reached the right place! Let’s bust a few common myths about student management systems.

Myth: there are hidden costs

Busted:  A student management system does not come with hidden charges. There may have been instances when some developers charge money for upgrades, this isn’t a rule of thumb.  

Most of the time, free software updates are mistaken for paid add-on features that may optimize the system. These add-ons are not compulsory for basic working, and hence can’t be categorized as hidden charges. 

Most service providers will offer you several packages giving details of exact costs and features of each package. There’s no chance that you’re left in the dark!

Myth: only the newest technology can run these systems

Busted: You do not need the latest released devices to operate such management systems.

School management systems are designed to suit several devices, including the most simple computers with minimal features. Some are even created as apps that you can access on mobile phones and tablets.

Sure, you can upgrade to a newer device but it’s not a requirement for the system to run.

Myth: the software management is difficult

Busted: Software management isn’t as complex as you think.

For the first few times, you may find it difficult to navigate the management system. But this is common for any new app or activity. 

Even if you consider yourself technologically challenged, a set of instructions, a detailed explanation, and a few hours of training will familiarize you with the management system. 

It’s simply a learning curve!

Myth: only big institutes use student management systems

Busted: Today, almost every registered training organization uses software for management. 

Paper-based records and notices aren’t environmentally conscious. They’re easy to lose track of and take up a lot of physical space.

Replacing those with software to store thousands of pages worth of information is the most convenient and eco-friendly decision. 

Safe to say, every institution should aim to implement these methods!

Myth: student management systems are unsafe

Busted: This is the most common misbelief that surrounds the topic of such systems. 

Internet malware, virus, and data breaches can be prevented with adequate security and safe internet practices

When you purchase the software from a trusted service provider, you can rest assured that all sensitive information is protected and data privacy is given the highest priority. 

Myth: they’re inconvenient and distracting

Busted: They’re quite the opposite– convenient and effective. 

With management systems, students and teachers learn to organize their work, monitor their progress, and assess their position in schoolwork.

These are valuable skills that’ll help kids in the future, in their personal and professional life.

Although surfing the net and social media can pose a disruption, the management software itself isn’t created to cause distractions. 

Myth: it may introduce a ‘digital divide’

Busted: Digitization is an undeniable movement. There are simple ways to bridge the gap for students who can’t afford to own gadgets.  

Students can access the software through the school’s IT lab, a borrowed device, a library, or public internet hubs. 

With the introduction of student management software, it becomes the responsibility of the school to ensure that every student can access the software. Institutes may assign laptops or tablets to students who need them. 

Student management systems can make learning easier

We hope that we have busted all the myths surrounding student management systems and made you more comfortable with the idea of using one.

When you weigh the odds, you’ll notice how many benefits these systems offer to make your learning experience smoother!