Business marketing: Eight types of video that viewers love

Want to use video marketing to spread the word about what you do? Here are eight tips of video that viewers love to watch.

Sometimes a funny post or a witty status on Facebook isn’t enough to engage your viewers with your brand. You need to constantly find ways to better market your brand in today’s digital era. One fun way is through video marketing, which uses videos to introduce or promote products and services.

Video marketing doesn’t have to be single-faceted. There are different types of videos, and you could try each format to see what you think will best suit your brand. Another important factor you will need to consider if you decide to go down this route is, where you’re going to film?

If you haven’t got a suitable place to shoot your video or you don’t have the equipment needed, you can look for a video production company to aid you in your production journey, from research to post-production, and promoting your film content. In this article, we will discuss the most popular types of videos that a majority of viewers like to watch.

Eight types of videos viewers like to watch

Videos have the power to capture attention just by ensuring that the content and presentation suit the viewers’ interest. To make sure that your videos have the quality and worthy content, you can work with a video production team and let them create the type of video you want to produce for your business. 

To get you started, here are eight types of videos that the majority of viewers like to watch.

1) How-to videos

How-to videos are popular with people who want to learn a skill with a step-by-step process. It is also called a tutorial or training video, where you will explain to your viewers the process of getting things done.

2) Behind the scenes videos

If you have a most anticipated product or just want to promote it, you might want to produce a behind-the-scenes video to ignite the curiosity of your viewers. These are the extra footage of your product being made behind the eyes of the public. This type of video is effective in showcasing your company’s team culture and brand management.

3) Educational videos

Aside from advertising, you’d also want your viewers to value you by providing them facts and informational videos. Most brands neglect this type of video because they don’t see any potential from it, which is a lie. If your viewers could get something helpful and educational on your brand, they would like you more. 

4) Animated videos

Animated videos could ignite emotions and express feelings that cannot be explained through text. If you want your brand to communicate by heart, animation videos are the perfect type. It is a flexible type of video that could attract a wider audience like children.

Animated videos are also an essential part of brand content marketing strategies thanks to their effectiveness and popularity for businesses and startups.

Production of explainer videos is one of the proven ways of improving conversions and sales. These short-form videos are handy and engaging processes that can explain any kind of complex product with ease. The key part of a successful animated video is content that speaks to your target audience.

5) Teaser videos

If you want your viewers to anticipate your brand and every product you have, teasers are the ideal type. Teasers come in a short and very descriptive presentation that could effectively ignite excitement. It would also help in promoting your events.

6) Inspirational videos

Inspirational videos hit differently to your viewers. To get your viewers’ interest, you also need to get away with pure marketing videos and inject emotional content that captivates your viewer’s hearts.

7) Humorous videos

Videos that make your viewers laugh would never fail to give taste to your business, so make sure to include this type every once in a while. You could lighten up or save someone’s day by having humorous videos while still incorporating your brand.

8) Reviews

Product or service reviews are essential to highlight your brand’s quality and capability. Video reviews also help build trust and credibility among prospective customers. However, it would be better to invite some of your previous customers to review for you to make it even more genuine. Your viewers will appreciate it that way to avoid bias.

What videos will you make?

You have a lot to explore in video marketing whenever you are ready. And there’s no limit to the type of videos you can experiment with making to promote your business. It would be smart to explore each types and find the one that your audience will love.

Once you hit on a type and style of video that you are confident about making and that your ideal customers love, you can make more of them and start growing your brand awareness and attracting more customers to your business.