Best places in the world to start a business – infographic

In today’s digitally-mobile world, you can launch a business almost anywhere. But with all that choice comes dilemma – if you can pick any country in the world to start a business, where is the best location?

You see, when it comes to particular industries, not all countries are equal. Not only are we all emerging from recession and economic difficulties at varying rates (if we were hit by them in the first place), but some industries fare better in particular locations around the world than others. And some countries are just downright more successful when it comes to turning out billion dollar startups.

To get a real picture of the best location for your own enterprise you also need to look at other pictures, such as the speed of growth of a country’s economy and its consumer price index (CPI) – the changes in the price level of a set basket of consumer goods and services purchased by households.

So if you’re toying with the idea of moving overseas or starting a business somewhere new, have put together a simple infographic that gives you a snapshot of the best places to start and do business in the world today.

www.exec-appointmentsOriginal source for infographic.