The best CBD salves: The top brands in 2021

Over the past few years, cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive chemical component of hemp, is gradually finding its way into mainstream products.

Medical research suggests that cannabinoid products have numerous applications and benefits that you can use if you incorporate them into your daily routine. While the medical use of CBD is still undergoing some research, the results obtained so far show that it is very effective in treating or managing several health conditions. These include anxiety, depression, and chronic stress.

Furthermore, CBD has shown to be an immensely promising remedy in managing pain and inflammation. People are starting to try cannabidiol products to find some relief and respite from day-to-day aches. Most of the evidence pointing to its pain-relieving effects has come from user reports, preclinical studies, and animal studies.

CBD users are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the best CBD product to use for managing their conditions. There are topicals, tinctures, capsules, soft gels, and edibles. These come in a wide range of shapes, potencies, sizes, and flavors. There has also been growing interest in finding the best CBD salves for pain.

Of late, these have become a popular approach for people trying to use it in order to get effective relief from pain and inflammation. CBD has numerous ant-pain properties, and coupled with the fact that it is rich in antioxidants makes it an excellent skincare product and provides pain relief.

Things to consider when buying CBD salves

Of course, authorities are making their best efforts to regulate the sprawling CBD products industry. However, it is vital to note there is still not adequate oversight. It is partially because the use of CBD is still in the legal grey zone. While it is federally legal, many states are still in the process of synchronizing their laws so that they resonate with federal guidelines.

So, with this in mind, it is paramount that you conduct due diligence before buying a CBD salve online or in brick-and-mortar retail outlets. Strict criteria has been used to narrow down lengthy list down to the top three brands that you will discover in this article.

The origin of hemp

When buying CBD salve from a brand, you should always consider the source of the hemp. It is paramount because approved CBD salves are manufactured using hemp produced by only licensed hemp farms. Generally, users should buy CBD salves that are made using hemp grown in the United States. It is because such hemp is subject to strict quality guidelines.

Salves manufactured from unlicensed or foreign hemp farms usually fail to satisfy federal guidelines on quality. Therefore, they might be a health hazard. 

Certificate of analysis

CBD salves should have a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This document shows the laboratory test results for vital parameters in a CBD product. You should buy from brands whose COA is easily accessible on their website or other platforms.

Manufacturers of authentic CBD products have a transparency policy. This dictates that users should be well aware of the ingredients contained in the products that they are using. You must also verify that the batch number on the CBD product you intend to buy matches that on the COA.

Lab tests

The product should have been tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure that it does not contain toxins or harmful addictive. The laboratory should also be compliant with the requirements of ISO 17025. 

Manufacturer’s reputation

It is best to buy CBD products from reputable brands. Users can make use of customer reviews and medical journals to check how reputable is the brand they intend to buy from.

The best CBD salves brands in 2021

There are numerous CBD brands to select from when you buy salves, and it is essential to note that not every CBD brand is equal. That is why you should conduct due diligence before making a CBD salve purchase. This includes taking some time to consider the quality, purity, effectiveness, as well as overall reputation of the brand. Here is the in-depth review of the best CBD salves brands available on the market.

1) Fab CBD Salve

Fab CBD salve: best overall is many people’s most trusted CBD brand. Fab CBD body salve has excellent pain relief properties. It is manufactured from full-spectrum CBD. As a result, you will experience enhanced benefits due to the entourage effect of a wide variety of cannabinoids. Their hemp extract salve comes in 2.5 fl oz or 1 fl oz containers.

CBD potency options available is of 1000mg and 3000mg. Furthermore, it is made from hemp that satisfies federal guidelines as it is grown in the United States.

Brand reputation

Fab has a strong reputation amongst both industry experts and customers alike. No doubt, their team produces effective, clean, and top-notch products. The company’s competence is also testified of by other big publications and medical journals that have reviewed their products such as and many other top rated sites.

Quality of the product

Fab’s CBD body salve is a top-of-the-range pain reliever. The manufacturer only makes use of organically grown hemp. As a result, users are assured that there are no chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides in the products. Fab is also renowned for using state-of-the-art equipment and employing cutting-edge technologies in their manufacturing processes.

CBD type

This Fab CBD salve is manufactured from full-spectrum CBD.

CBD strength 

Fab CBD salve comes in two total strength options. Users can choose one with a total CBD content of either 1000mg or 3000mg.

Laboratory results

Like all their products, Fab CBD body salve is tested by an independent laboratory, and the results are available online.


The Fab CBD body salve is a very effective topical for pain management.

Overall rating


2) CBDistillery CBDol Salve

CBDistillery CBDol Salve: Best Value CBDol Topical salve is manufactured from full-spectrum CBD and only uses organic ingredients for swift and holistic relief from pain. It comes in 1oz containers and has a CBD potency of 500mg.

This hemp extract salve is ideal for athletes seeking to quickly recover from a swift workout. This salve is manufactured from hemp that is grown in the United States. CBDistillery also offer free shipping on their products, including the CBD Relief salve.

Brand reputation

CBDistillery is one of the most reputable manufacturers of CBD topicals. They have a strict quality assurance culture to ensure that their clients get the best out of their money.

Furthermore, they have a dedicated team of professionals who will offer excellent customer care at any time of the day. They have also garnered numerous positive reviews on various respectable journals and publications. They are also known for their ability to deliver products across most states.

Quality of the product

The salve from CBDistillery is made using 100% organic hemp that would have been grown in the United States using federal guidelines. Therefore, the product satisfies very high-quality standards.

CBD type

This CBD salve is produced from full-spectrum CBD.

CBD strength 

CBDistillery salve has a total CBD content of 500mg.

Laboratory results

The salve is tested by a third-party laboratory and the results are available online.


This salve is a very effective CBD product for pain relief.

Overall ratings


3) Joy Organics Organic Salve

Joy Organics Organic Salve: Best THC FreeThis topical from Joy organics is also an excellent pain management salve you can find online. It is manufactured from broad-spectrum cannabidiol. Therefore, users are sure to benefit from the entourage effect if numerous cannabinoids in the same container. It has 0% THC content. The Joy Organics CBD salve is made from simple 100% natural and organic ingredients. It is available in two total strength options, namely the 500mg and 1000mg one. These are available in 1-ounce and 2-ounce jars respectively.

Brand reputation

Joy Organics is known for its strict transparency policy and adherence to quality standards. The company also has competent personnel who are dedicated and always willing to help. It is evidenced by the numerous positive reviews written on their products by authoritative publications and medical journals.

Quality of the product

The Joy Organics CBD salve is top-notch pain management topical. It is made using 100% natural and organic ingredients. Furthermore, Joy Organics uses cutting-edge equipment and hemp extraction techniques.

CBD type

The Joy Organics CBD salve is manufactured using Broad-spectrum CBD.

CBD strength 

Joy Organics CBD salve comes in two total CBD potency options. Users can select one with a total CBD content of either 500mg or 1000mg.

Laboratory results

Joy Organics CBD salve is tested by an independent laboratory and the results are available online.


The salve is a very effective topical for pain treatment or management.

Overall ratings


Different types of bodily pain

Pain is a sensation that results from communication between the nerves, spinal cord, and brain. There are five main classifications of bodily pain, each depending on the underlying cause. An understanding of the different types of pain makes it easier to have it addressed. These are described below.

Chronic pain

It is a type of pain that is longer in duration, even after the causative injury is healed. It can either be intermittent or constant. For instance, headaches can be categorized under chronic pain when they continue for months, even years – even if the pain is not always present. Chronic pain is usually caused by past injuries, damage, or a health condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. It can begin to adversely affect one’s quality of life, resulting in depression, anxiety, tense muscles, and lack of energy.

Acute pain

It is a term that refers to pain that lasts for a short duration. It be for a few minutes up to about three months. Acute pain is usually related to soft tissue or temporary illness. Therefore, it typically recedes after the injury heals or the illness subsides. Acute pain resulting from an injury can develop into chronic pain if the injury doesn’t heal properly, or if the pain there is a malfunction of the pain signals.

Radicular pain

Radicular pain is a very particular type of pain that occurs when the spinal nerve becomes inflamed or compressed. This type of pain radiates from the back and hip towards the legs through the spine and spinal nerve root. People suffering from radicular pain may experience numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness.

Neuropathic pain

Neuropathic pain results from damage that would have occurred to nerves or other parts of the nervous system. It is best described as a stabbing, shooting, or burning pain. It feels like the action of pins and needles on the human body. Neuropathic pain affects one’s sensitivity and can make someone have difficulties in feeling cold or hot sensations. It can be intermittent, and also it can be severe that it disrupts one’s daily routine. This type of pain can also cause mobility issues as it interferes with normal movement.

Nociceptive pain

Nociceptive pain is caused by damage that would have occurred to body tissue. Most individuals usually summarize it as a sharp, archy, or throbbing pain. It often results from external injury. For instance, if you stub your toe, hit your elbow, twist your ankle, or fall and scrape your knee, you may experience nociceptive pain. It is a type of pain usually experienced in the joints, muscles, tendons, skin, and bones.

What are CBD salves?

CBD salves are topicals applied to affected areas to relieve itchiness, chronic pain, soreness, or other skin conditions. They are some of the best hemp topical products for pain relief. CBD salves are not ingested, therefore, they do not go directly go into the bloodstream. They are absorbed and retained by layers of the skin.

It is because the skin is the largest organ in the body and is fast when it comes to absorbing thin liquids such as water. However, it is also able of absorbing lipid liquids that contain wax and oil such as salves. As soon as CBD salves are applied to the affected area, the skin begins to absorb the cannabinoid, and the healing process begins. CBD salves can tackle skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis.

How CBD salves can help alleviate pain

There are several mechanisms by which CBD salves help alleviate pain. One of the main theories focuses on how the cannabidiol in CBD salves interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The endocannabinoid system is made up of cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes that synthesize and breakdown cannabinoids.

The system is involved in pain sensation, along with other conditions and processes, such as mood and immune systems. The clinical endocannabinoids deficiency theory suggests that those individuals suffering from multiple treatment-resistant conditions such as migraines, fibromyalgia, and intestinal pain do not produce adequate endocannabinoids.

As a result, those people can be treated by introducing external cannabinoids, such as the phytocannabinoid CBD, that is produced in plants. So basically, CBD salves contain cannabidiol that interacts with the ECS to produce relief to patients.

Also, scientific research has shown that CBD has immunomodulatory properties that have a positive impact on pain and inflammation. One of the methods by which CBD salves alleviate pain is through increasing the quantity of anandamide (AEA), a cannabinoid, through inhibition of an enzyme that breaks down AEA and inhibiting AEA uptake. It gives CBD a classification of an endocannabinoid modulator.

The cannabidiol-containing CBD also have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Medical studies have revealed that CBD inhibits tumor necrosis factor-alpha in mice with rheumatoid arthritis. The studies proved that CBD was able to retard the damage and pain associated with arthritis through immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory abilities.

Finally, CBD has been found to potentiate glycine receptors. Research suggests that these play a role of paramount importance in the perception of pain. Studies conducted on mice and rats showed that cannabinoid potentiation of glycerine receptors resulted in a reduction of both inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

Do CBD salves actually work?

The use of CBD salves to get rid of pain continues to gain prominence on the market. They delivered directly where the pain is occurring, rather than taking it throughout the body. Due to the relatively new development of CBD salves, there are only a few studies that have been conducted on the products to date.

However, the findings seem to point out that they are an effective pain reduction method. One scientific study done on rats with a murine model of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) established that the use of CBD salves resulted in a reduction in pain and the associated inflammation and damage caused by the pathology of RA.

There have also been numerous positive customer reviews in trusted publications and journals. Individuals have reported benefits of using CBD salves for pain such as that caused by wearing heels. However, the best way to establish whether a topical CBD salve will work for you is to give it a try. CBD salves have an excellent safety profile and are non-psychoactive, therefore, there is no need to worry when trying them out.  

How should you use CBD salve, and how often?

CBD salves deal with localized pain. Therefore, the best way to use them is by identifying the problem area, clean it, dry it, then applying a small amount of the salve on it. Most salves will take a few minutes to take effect after application.

 Due to different concentrations of CBD in products and health conditions, there is no single answer to how often one should use CBD salves. However, it is recommended that you begin by applying it one to three times daily then adjust based on how your body responds.

Are CBD salves right for you?

CBD salves are a great way to help reduce aches and pains from an active lifestyle. They offer targeted relief through absorption into the skin. Many people are now opting for CBD salves for pain management to avoid the side effects that come with ingesting prescription drugs.

However, users should always conduct adequate research concerning a brand and its products before making a purchase. It will help avoid manufacturers that make false claims. Whenever you are doubting any aspect of CBD salves, you should consult a physician for a professional medical opinion.