Back to school wear for gym mummies

Have you missed your ‘me time’ over the summer? Those precious hours each day while your baby or kids are at nursery and school, and you can squeeze in a bit of work… or even some much-needed exercise?

While you may have spent the past few weeks splashing out on new uniform, PE kit and stationery for your kids, now you can look more to your own needs. And perhaps a good place to start is some stylish new workout gear – or so says stylist (and reluctant exerciser) Karen Skagerlind.

Why I decided to invest in a new gym kit

Now the kids are back to school it gives mums the opportunity to get to the gym, run round the block, or even start to train for next year’s London marathon. (No? Me neither.)

Anyway last week my husband, who unlike me is an avid gym goer, made me chuckle. It turns out after he’d finished an hour’s session of sweaty, grunting weight training he discovered he’d been wearing MY black leggings. Such is his penchant for black lycra – unfortunately anyone who has seen him at the school gates can vouch for this – he mistook his dri-fit TM/Nike kit for mine!

This got me thinking that I perhaps should invest in a more funky, striking or at least colourful gym kit – part of my wardrobe that usually gets as much attention as the kitchen drawer stuffed with miscellaneous items that you swear you’ll sort out next week.

My pick for this season’s gym wear

So for those of you who do get an odd hour here and there in between pick up and drop off to do some exercise, I’ve scoured the high street for some stylish ensembles which I aim to purchase.

So in future, my hubby won’t get our kit mixed up, and I’ll no longer be able to blend in with the running machine, get lost on the stairmaster or go unnoticed at the school gate if I’m heading straight for a run. And it may even incentivise me to actually go in the first place!

Leopard print gym wear

It’s not just mainstream fashion (or me) that loves leopard. This season several sports brands have featured leopard print – from Adidas to Ellesse. My favourite is this ombre coloured range from Asics (1).

I’m not suggesting you wear the matching top and tights together, but they’ll certainly add some bite to an all-black gym outfit.

Glow as you go

£150 may be a tad more than you were thinking of spending on trainers, but when you consider this Adidas by Stella Mccartney pair (2) have glow in the dark leopard print side panels, it maybe worth it when the nights start drawing in!

If you want something different what about a tiger stripe from Nike? Or add some flower power with these mono print floral jogging bottoms from Sweaty Betty (5).

Heidi Klum designs for New Balance

No guarantee you’ll get a super model figure, but this range from New Balance by Heidi Klum (4) impressed me with its design details and thoughtful mix of colours and pattern.

It even brings sexy back with a mesh cut out panel on the running jacket and rocker slash T-shirt .

Comfort and style

This Elle Sport soft touch hoodie (3) may not be quite as bold and bright as the rest, but it’s oh so comfy! It’s also versatile and stylish enough to be worn even if by some chance you don’t quite make it to the gym… and let’s face it there’s always a chance of that!

And as I predicted two weeks ago, Khaki is set to be on trend for AW, so get ahead of the game with this range available at Next.

Don’t sweat workout style

If all this talk of jogging, gym sessions and exercise classes has left you exhausted don’t worry. You don’t need to break into a sweat to wear the latest trainers (6). Just make sure you pick something that your husband wouldn’t nick by accident (or fit)!

By Karen Skagerlind of Wardrobe Wand.