Avoid these four mistakes and keep your baby warm and safe this winter

With the cold winter weather often comes sicknesses such as RSV and the flu. Avoid these four mistakes to keep your baby warm and safe.

Parents of young babies – whether they are healthy, preemie or medically fragile – must take caution during the cold months to stay as healthy and warm as possible. 

To help you prepare for the daunting winter months, Carrie Shaltz Haslup, founder and CEO of Tabeeze, shares valuable insights on how to keep your baby safe this winter. 

1) Avoid direct heat

Mattresses can be chilly for babies, but keeping them warm should be done safely as direct heat for babies is unsafe.

Avoid using hot items like hot water bottles or heating pads directly on your baby to increase body temperature. Instead, use these items to warm up the baby’s crib for about 10 minutes and then remove them before placing the baby down.

2) Don’t overdress them

Overdressing your baby can lead to overheating. Avoid big jackets and instead layer your baby with clothing that is easy to take off.

Dressing the baby in multiple layers makes it easier to adjust to temperature variations. Babies are naturally cooler than adults, so dressing them in one or two more layers than adults is critical for them to maintain their temperature. Layering also helps your babies learn to control their own temperature, keeping them not too cold or not too hot.

3) Remove carseat covers

Carseat covers can be dangerous as they are non-regulated products. Items such as bunting bags can be dangerous to babies as they sometimes add a layer between the carseat and baby, causing insecure straps, while carseat canopies make it difficult to monitor breathing and may lead to suffocation. 

If going outside in cold or wet weather, put baby in a lightweight but warm outfit, mittens, socks, and a hat, and preheat the car to warm up the carseat. Remember to avoid bundling the baby in a jacket or bunting suit, as this can cause loose straps. 

4) Avoid unsupervised blankets

It is tempting to use a blanket to keep your baby warm, especially when it is so cold outside, but loose blankets can be a hazard for babies when they are in a crib or unsupervised. The best thing is to avoid blankets in general and opt for layering. Using sleepsacks in the crib instead of blankets can promote safe sleep.

Keeping your baby warm this winter is possible if you find the right tools to adapt to their needs. Follow these expert tips, and you’ll be on your way to keeping them warm and comfortable.