Are you making these mistakes with your digital marketing?

Is your digital marketing working for you? If not, you may be making one of these common mistakes.

The online world has become the go-to place as far as effective marketing is concerned. The digital space is currently home to over 4.6 billion people, which offers a huge marketing potential for any business looking to reach out to clients beyond their physical boundaries. 

Digital marketing is currently the most sought-after marketing service and has been for some years now. Also, the harsh lessons of the current global pandemic have even heightened the importance of this form of marketing. 

However, merely being online does not automatically mean that your business will reap the full benefits of the digital world. The truth is that several potential mistakes can prove very detrimental to your online marketing goals and your business in general. If you are looking to take your digital marketing game to the next level, it’s best to avoid the following mistakes.

Forgetting about mobile users

You’re making a huge mistake if your online marketing campaign isn’t optimized for mobile users. In 2021, the number of people that own a smart and feature mobile device stands at 4.88 billion, representing over 60% of the world’s population. Almost everyone has a smartphone in the pocket, and they’re not just for making calls. In fact, fewer and fewer people rely on their computers when it comes to surfing the internet and even making online purchases.

That means you need to optimize your website in a way that makes it accessible to smartphone users. A website that isn’t mobile-friendly can turn potential clients away from your business. You can use software development services to help create unique and engaging websites and mobile apps that will reach out to smartphone users.

Only doing the basics with social media

Social media has become one of the (if not the only) most popular digital platforms ever. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn have made it relatively easier for businesses to establish their online presence and make themselves visible to millions of potential clients across the world. Social media platforms have gained popularity because of how easy it is to create and share relevant content with followers. 

However, if you’re still using social media platforms only as content-sharing avenues, then you’re probably missing out. You can use such platforms to drive sales in addition to your marketing campaigns. For example, you can make it possible for clients to make direct purchases of your products or services through these platforms or create links to your website or other intended ecommerce sites.

Lack of analytics

As mentioned, the digital world comes with so many platforms and marketing channels, with social media taking a chunk of it. Social media platforms, for example, have allowed people to share creative content and helped promote visibility. But your efforts will only be limited by how much research you’re able to do to help boost your marketing efficiency – and this is where analytic tools come in. 

The ability to analyze the performance of the content you publish in the digital space will give you the insight you need to make the right changes – changes that will increase the effectiveness of your marketing. Analytics plays an essential role in almost every aspect of digital marketing. Thankfully, you can take advantage of different types of expert digital marketers to help you get your analytics right.

Posting on social media without any strategy

Still, on social media, it is no doubt that platforms like Facebook make it possible for businesses to engage in beneficial interactions with clients and potential customers. 

However, it is one thing posting on social media and quite another thing getting the response you need. For the latter, you need to focus only on posting valuable content that will support your digital marketing campaign – the kind of content that will engage your audience and add value to your brand. 

Simply posting anything on social media will hardly yield any benefits for your business. Plus, it will only end up wasting your time. So, what is valuable content? It’s any content that educates, inspires, and even entertains your audience while shedding more light about your brand. And in addition to your valuable content, take the time to create eye-catching headlines that will attract your audience to read. 

Ignoring the importance of video marketing

If there’s any digital marketing strategy that is giving social media a run for its money at the moment, that will be video marketing. Indeed, many marketing experts consider video marketing as currently the most effective digital marketing strategy, and for good reasons.

Video marketing may not have been a trendy option some years back, as the data cost was comparatively more expensive. 

But with data and streaming costs seemingly dropping, it costs much less to watch videos online than it used to years back – and many businesses are taking advantage of this. So, if you’re interested in raising your online marketing game, the last thing you want to do is to ignore the importance of video marketing.

Videos hold huge advantages over text content when it comes to offering clarity of description. Plus, you can say more in a 30-seconds marketing video than you can in one-minute text content. 

Not taking blogging seriously

When it comes to digital marketing (or any marketing for that matter), content is key. And despite the growing dominance of video marketing, good-old text content blogging is still at the heart of any effective digital marketing strategy. Blogging, if used correctly, has the power to attract traffic if you manage to link your blog posts to your websites or have them in sync on all your social media platforms. 

And speaking of attracting traffic, do not post articles only for the purpose of posting them. Focus on articles that will help boost your online visibility. Do this by researching your target audience and paying attention to keywords. Also, be sure to make all your blog posts shareable across all social media platforms, and encourage your readers to interact by leaving comments and feedback. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez