Are YOU invisible? Why women over 40 are disappearing

Ever feel like you’re invisible? That marketers aren’t interested in grabbing your attention or seducing you with attractive brands?

Or worse, that the only products advertisers believe you could possibly be interested in are household cleaning products?

If so, welcome to life over 40 – also referred to as ‘middle age’.

We’re the happiest and wealthiest people in the UK

Middle age isn’t all bad. Apparently, we’re the happiest, wealthiest and arguably most informed people in the UK.

We also buy the most cosmetics and luxury holidays, have more free time and an enthusiastic appetite to explore.

In fact you could say that women over 40 years of age are pioneers of modern aging.

But we’re invisible to youth-obsessed brands

And yet, despite being in your prime of life, as a middle aged woman you are invisible to many youth-obsessed brands, media and society.

When companies do notice you, it can seem like all they are interested in offering you is life insurance or incontinence products, or at best represent you as Helen Mirren.  And this is not good enough.

Join a new movement and be VISIBLE!

But one agency is on a mission to change this. SuperHuman want to find out exactly what it’s like to be a modern British woman over forty. They want to know what YOU want from life. So they can make sure that brands sit up and listen.

To join SuperHuman’s movement and have your say, simply complete this simple questionnaire. Together we can throw off our cloak of invisibility, smash tired preconceptions and finally be seen (and respected) for who we really are.

SuperHuman are a strategic marketing agency that helps people inspire, excite and engage with women.