Are YOU buying the wrong clothes? Find out in our video interview with fashion stylist Sally Smy

Do the clothes you wear really suit you? Or even fit you properly? Or are you falling for one of the many fashion ‘sins’?

Find out in our interview with fashion stylist Sally Smy from Queen Bee Styling. A former fashion buyer, Sally knows all the tips and tricks of how to spot well-made pieces that you’ll love for years to come… and how to avoid buying expensive mistakes.

In Sally’s chat with Hannah Martin she reveals:

  • Why fashion is really about ‘newness’ not trends
  • The top wardrobe sins she sees most often
  • And how to build a wardrobe of clothes you love and that suit you
  • Where to look for ethical fashion fashion inspiration
  • How to know when you need to do something about your wardrobe
  • What to buy from M&S, and why you should buy tailoring and knitwear from Uniqlo
  • Sally’s own, personal go-to fashion brands
  • And her go-to websites to go to for fashion inspiration and to discover smaller brands
  • What to look for before buying from a brand for the first time
  • How to tell if products aren’t fit for purpose – and what to do if they’re not
  • And why you always need a plan when you shop

Watch Sally’s interview now (if you enjoy it, we recommend signing up for Sally’s newsletter on her site for more fashion inspiration and tips):

Are you dressing for your figure? Here’s a free way to find out!

Do you know the jean shape you should avoid at all costs? Knowing (and dressing for) your body shape is the key to developing your own personal style.

Choose the right pieces for your shape and you’ll always look like a million dollars. Get it wrong and you’ll feel dumpy and unattractive – even if you’re head to toe in Versace. 

Buying the right pieces for your shape also frees you from wasting money, chasing trends that would never suit you – and date fast. And buying beautiful pieces that hang, unworn, in your wardrobe. 

Join Sally’s free Style Your Shape challenge

But what IS your body shape – and what should you wear for it? To help you find out, Sally Smy is running a free Style Your Shape challenge.

In the challenge you’ll learn:

  • The giveaway signs for each body shape so you can work out yours
  • How to choose the right dresses, tops, jeans, and accessories for each shape – so you always look and feel stylish and confident
  • How to take your new knowledge and update your wardrobe

It’s a fun challenge and completely free. So you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain… including a pared down but more flattering wardrobe, the knowledge of what to buy (and what to avoid buying) in future, and the confidence of dressing your body so you always look amazing. 

So if you want to know what jean shape YOU need to avoid, come and join Sally in her challenge now.