Are slip and fall injuries serious? Five things you should know (and how to get help)

Have you been injured in a slip or fall? Find out what you need or know about your accident, and how to get help.

Slip and fall injuries can be serious, but whether they’re severe or not may depend on many factors. It can range from minor bruises to painful and alarming fractures and head injuries or might even cause immobility issues over time. 

That is why it’s best to be aware of some issues and things about slips and falls to avoid panic and indecision when you encounter them.

Five things you need to know about slip and fall injuries

With this in mind, here are five things you need to know about slip and fall injuries.

1) Their severity can vary

According to some studies, slip and fall accidents have over 1 million hospital emergency room cases in the United States annually. Its injuries, however, differ in seriousness, from minor bruises to severe fractures or head injuries. The extent of the harm may depend on factors like the height of the fall and the nature of the surface.

So, even if it looks like a minor incident, have your injuries thoroughly checked. It might already be more serious than you think. That is why it’s crucial to observe signs of potential severity in every injury. Ask for immediate medical attention, and take records of each finding and doctor’s recommendation. 

2) They can have long-term effects

When classified as severe, slip and fall injuries can have lasting consequences on your mobility and overall well-being. Because of these injuries, you may experience difficulties performing your daily activities and may need long-term new lifestyle adjustments. 

Sometimes, even what looks like a simple bruise may have lifetime effects if left unattended for a long time. Knowing that these long-term ill effects might happen will make you cautious enough to seek proper medical attention immediately. 

It also includes thorough documentation and finding a personal injury attorney to help you get compensation. These legal experts, like the injury lawyers based in Houston, can help you deal with the aftereffects of severe slip and fall incidents in Texas.

3) There are key factors that can influence their severity

The factors that influence the severity of slip and fall injuries can sometimes be overlooked because of your emergency. But it pays to look into them, especially if there’s an issue of negligence and fault later on. Here are some you need to know:

  • Fall height: The higher the fall, the more severe your injuries will be. It will generally result in more severe injuries due to increased impact when the body hits the ground or surface contact.
  • Surface characteristics: The nature of the surface, whether it was slippery, uneven, or hard at the time of the incident, will also affect the force of impact. This can determine whether the injury will be more severe or not.
  • Individual health: Your age, physical condition, and existing health issues, like epilepsy or vertigo, can influence how the body responds to a slip or a fall.
  • Environmental factors: Environmental factors, like lighting conditions, weather, and obstacles, may contribute to the likelihood and severity of falls. 
  • Protective measures: Protective measures, like footwear or safety gear, may avoid or lessen your injury’s severity, whether in a slip or fall.
  • Reaction time: Quick bodily reflexes and your automatic ability to break a fall can reduce the impact and minimize the severity of your injury.
  • Post-fall assistance: You’ll have a better chance at recovery, and the aftereffects of your injury will be lesser if you were assisted immediately during the incident.

Knowing and understanding these factors can help mitigate the impact and severity of these accidents. They will also give you more facts and proof to support your claims later. It can also highlight the importance of preventive measures and swift responses to minimize your injury’s severity and help you recover faster.

4) You need to understand who is liabile

Knowing who failed to perform their duty in keeping their premises safe is important in slip-and-fall cases. These people, like property owners, managers, or maintenance personnel, can be charged with negligence. They are the people who have the duty, according to the law, to keep their places safe. 

So, to prevent these accidents, firms keep their workplaces safe and hazard-free. If they fail to perform this duty and it leads to accidents, they can be held responsible for the victim’s injuries. 

Understanding how people can be held responsible for these incidents will help ensure that the right person or entity is held accountable. It’s to promote both fair compensation and a safer environment for all.

5) It’s important to get legal help

Legal help is not only for show or to impress that you can easily win against your opponent. But knowing its importance and why it is vital will help you solve more problems with less stress. 

Studies show that victims who consult personal injury attorneys have better outcomes in their claims. It’s because these law experts understand the legal process better than anyone else. You can surely depend upon them to ensure that you’ll have an accurate evaluation of your case.