An introduction to CBD bath bombs and how they work

The world of CBD-based products is full of surprises for people in Canada. And this time by introducing the concept of CBD bath bombs.

For some people, the name ‘CBD bath bombs’ may sound weird, but among those who love CBD, it might be a familiar name already.

Bath bombs and bath salts can benefit the skin and provide a more relaxing bathing experience compared to the usual ones. Now add CBD into the equation, and you could get an even better and relaxing bathing experience.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound that is commonly found in hemp plants. This compound is so popular among Canadians who are looking for a safe alternative to many modern medicines.

Cannabidiol, while able to provide some health benefits to the users, won’t make them high. Cannabidiol doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties that are found in THC. So you can get the health benefits without worrying about getting stoned or high.

Nowadays, there are so many CBD-infused products on the market in Canada. The vast number of options provide Canadians with the freedom to choose the best way to enjoy cannabidiol. So it’s not a surprise that CBD bath bombs are a thing and that people are actually enjoying them.

What are CBD bath bombs?

While bath bombs are nothing – they have been around since probably the late 80s, CBD bath bombs are still relatively new, and not many people know about this product.

Bath bombs usually contain sodium bicarbonate or baking soda and citric acid and provide aromatherapy, skin nourishment, and fizz. And CBD bath bombs contain cannabidiol on top of that. Most CBD bath bombs may contain a combination of CBD, essential oils and fragrances, which may have some extra benefits for the skin.

How to use CBD bath bombs

So now we know what CBD bath bombs are, but how do you use them? Using bath bombs is very simple and straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Fill up your bathtub with warm water
  • Once the bathtub is full, drop the bath bomb into the bathtub
  • Wait for the bath bomb to dissolve
  • Get in the bathtub and enjoy yourself

How does it work?

The reason why bath bombs can work so well in a bathtub is due to the ingredients, baking soda, and citric acid. But some bath bombs contain more ingredients than that. Some of them contain many unique combinations of ingredients including essential oils, aromatherapy agents, Epsom salt, coloring agents (natural and organic), and of course cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol may provide extra benefits for your skin and make you feel more comfortable. But to be clear, your CBD bath bombs will not get you high or stoned. What you can always get are the extra benefits from cannabidiol, and may also provide you with better sleep and pain relief.

What are the benefits and effects of CBD bath bombs?

According to this study in 2020, cannabidiol has therapeutic potential for skin health and disorders. Though there is limited research confirming this theory, the endocannabinoid system or ECS has certainly been identified in the skin. And cannabidiol could relieve the symptoms of some skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, pruritis, and inflammatory conditions.

Another study of the cannabis plant from several years ago also shows that it has antibacterial and antifungal effects. This tells us that CBD could help to reduce infections on the skin.

Other than that, cannabidiol bath bombs are always interesting. You can get your at-home spa routine to the next level regularly with bath bombs. Bath bombs are one of the best products in Canada that you can get for relaxation and mind and body pampering. And when you add cannabidiol into the mix, Canadians can get one of the best ways to relax at home.

You can also do a few things to enhance your experience further, such as playing your favorite music, watch your favorite shows, dim the lights, drink some wine, etc. And of course, immerse yourself in one of the best ways to enjoy cannabidiol.

Have you tried CBD bath bombs yet?

If you have never tried CBD bath bombs before, but you are interested in trying, you can find them from many online and brick-and-mortar stores in Canada.

There is really nothing else that can give you the same relaxing and peaceful experience that CBD bath bombs can. Set up some music, prepare some wine, and you are good to go. 

Photo by Hanna Postova