Ad media insights into working mums in Ireland

With all the interest in working mums in the media, and our changing role in society, it’s no surprise that marketers are desperate to understand us better! In search of more information, Kantar Media conducted a TGI study of full time working mums in Ireland – to find out what modern working mums do and think.

Working mums in Ireland – the results

The Kantar Media survey revealed that there are 161,000 full time working mums in Ireland (classed as women with children in their household who work 30 or more hours every week ). They discovered that 37% of these working mums work in small companies that employ between six and 49 people.

Full time working mums more likely to be a director

The good news is that these working mums are over three times more likely to be a director or at senior management level than the average Irish woman. The survey also found that this group of working mums were among the more wealthy in society – being 60% more likely than the average Irish woman to be an AB social class.

It turns out that, despite being mothers, work is usually at the forefront of full time working mum’s minds. This group of women are 45% more likely to worry about work during their leisure time than the average Irish woman .

60% of working mums see work as a career

And while 60% of these working mums see their work not just as a job, but as a career, they are still 39% more likely to agree with the statement ‘I only go to work for the money’. Unsurprisingly, given their many responsibilities at work and home, the group also grab the chance to unwind when they can. The survey found that they are 22% more likely to only want to eat, drink and sunbathe when on holiday compared to the average Irish woman.