A guide to creating search marketing that gets results

Want more leads and sales? Find out why you need search marketing that works – and how you can create it.

Are you eager to gain more business and online traffic through search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google? Have you ever made marketing plans but found yourself confused about the industry jargon surrounding it?

Either way, if you’ve ever searched for something online, you may have a better idea of search marketing than you thought! But how do you know what’s best for your business when it comes to search marketing that generates results? Keep reading to discover how!

What is search marketing? 

Everyone has taken part in some form of search marketing, even if they didn’t know it at the time. Whether you’re looking for a local restaurant or a qualified electrician through any kind of search engine, you’ve used search marketing before. 

To put it simply, search marketing is the process of establishing your business as the answer or solution to commonly searched questions that use specific words that relate to your business (for example, dentists in Leicester, or boiler repairs in Manchester). 

What are the two main areas of search marketing? 

You’ll predominantly encounter two main avenues of search marketing – Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO), which uses commonly searched words (or keywords) to help improve your search engine rankings through unpaid marketing like blog posts and website content, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which uses paid advertising to place your business higher on search engine listings. 

How will I know which area is best for my business? 

Ultimately, it depends on the kind of industry you’re in, the capacity you have to take on more business, and what your future plans are for your business and brand identity. 

Generally speaking, SEO is considered a more long-term and strategic approach to search marketing. However, search engine rankings can be extremely difficult to stay one step ahead of without the guidance and focus of a dedicated marketing team to advise and recalibrate your plans to keep you on the right track. 

A PPC campaign may give you more control over your rankings and faster results, but those results aren’t always as effective as SEO and don’t consider the future of your business. 

For these reasons, many businesses choose to either do a combination of both or discuss their needs with a qualified SEO company to help clarify matters. 

How can I make sure that my marketing gets results? 

Now that you’re aware of which areas of search marketing are available and better understand what works best for you, it’s time to bolster your brand through the following marketing methods. 

  • Social media posts 
  • Message boards 
  • Email marketing campaigns 
  • Regular blog posts 

However, by using the terms and keywords that people are already actively searching for, you can create search marketing content that solves problems, reassures frustrated customers, and gives you better results in the process. 

By unifying your search marketing with the emotional needs of your potential clients, you’ll cultivate a relationship of trust with your customers, and establish your business as a thought leader within your industry.