17 types of businesses you can launch from a WordPress site

Since WordPress’s launch two decades ago, thousands of plugins and workarounds have been developed to help users monetize their websites.

In particular, the WooCommerce plugin has emerged as the most popular choice among WordPress users, particularly among startups and small-to-medium enterprises. WooCommerce, in turn, has also developed its own community of committed developers, resulting in a healthy app and plugin ecosystem that small business owners can tap into to modify their WordPress site however they wish.

Today, site owners no longer need to know advanced coding to do WooCommerce site modifications. Anyone with a bit of experience with the WordPress interface can easily integrate a WooCommerce payment gateway that will let them accept a complete selection of secure payments from all over the world. It can also be used for local markets as well.

If you want to target a specific geographic market, you can simply use a special plugin that enables a payment gateway WooCommerce sites can use to accept locally relevant digital wallet payments, QR code payments, credit and debit card payments, and other payment methods.

As both WordPress and WooCommerce continue to evolve, they’ve become more and more capable of accommodating a wide range of business models and markets with off-the-shelf plugins. You can even ensure your WooCommerce site can be enjoyed by disabled customers by using an accessibility plugin

Let’s explore 17 different types of businesses you can launch from a WordPress site.

1) E-commerce

You can use WooCommerce and other business plugins to sell any product to a global audience without the limitations of a brick-and-mortar store.

As a business owner in the Philippines, you can download a plugin to activate a WooCommerce payment gateway Philippines-based users can use. An example of this is the WooCommerce plugin from Maya, which lets you easily install the Maya Checkout payment gateway on your e-commerce store. 

2) Online courses

If you’re a subject matter expert and have some skills in video editing, you can create and sell online courses to share your knowledge and skills with a worldwide audience.

3) Marketing copywriting

If you’re a copywriter, you can use WordPress and WooCommerce to advertise your services, showcase your portfolio of written materials, or engage with potential clients.

4) Social media management

Demonstrate your social media expertise, display your portfolio of satisfied clients, and offer management services to brands looking to enhance their online presence and engagement with a WordPress-based website.

5) Event planning

Managing offline and online events can be a very lucrative business, but you need to cast a wide net to make it work sustainably. You can use WordPress to effectively expand your event planning services beyond your locality.

6) Web development

You can highlight your web developer and programming skills, previous projects, and services to attract clients who need their own professional websites. The way you configure your WordPress and WooCommerce site can also help reinforce how prospective clients view your potential.

7) Web design

Similarly to web developers, web designers can also use the WordPress platform to not only advertise their services but also show clients what they’re capable of in terms of creating functional and aesthetic websites.

8) Virtual assistance

Want a job that expands your experience? Use WordPress to position yourself as a virtual assistant that offers administrative, creative, or technical support to busy entrepreneurs and professionals.

9) Online tutoring

If you’re a subject matter expert and are comfortable with engaging with different people over Zoom or Skype, you can advertise your services and schedules on WordPress.

10) Video editing

Video editors are in high demand today thanks to the booming content economy. Show off your editing skills by placing your portfolio on your site.

11) Social media content creation

Marketers who can quickly produce branded content for social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok can attract buzz on their WordPress site.

12) Animation

If you have animation chops, you can use WordPress to show off your portfolio and credentials to content producers who need animated content elements.

13) Photography

Use your WordPress site to publish your original photos, demonstrate your craft, and attract attention online.

14) Technical consulting

If you have well-developed skills in a niche area, you can leverage WordPress’s search engine optimization capabilities so that clients who need your specializations can easily find you.

15) Product reviews and affiliate marketing

Provide a service to the wider public by providing valuable in-depth reviews of various products or services on your WordPress page. You can monetize your site with ads or with paid reviews from sponsors, or you can earn commissions on sales generated through your affiliate links.

16) Local business reviews

There’s money in going local. Create a local directory or review site for businesses in your area and provide valuable insights to people from all over the world who might want to know more about it. You can get income from ads as well as featured listings.

17) Search engine optimization (SEO)

You can use WordPress to offer SEO services and show off your satisfied clients. Be warned though: If you’re competing for SEO services, you will be up against other skilled SEO professionals which means making your site visible on search engines will be a constant challenge.

WordPress is a versatile platform that can accommodate any business idea you can come up with. Whether you’re a creative professional, a consultant, an educator, or an e-commerce entrepreneur, WordPress provides the tools and the community you need to establish your online presence.

With powerful plugins like WooCommerce, you can even use WordPress to deliver an extraordinarily refined payment experience for your intended users in just minutes.