16 quick small business marketing tips from the experts

Need to give your small business marketing a boost? Read 16 quick marketing tips from the experts.

We love a quick business tip – a few words of wisdom that could potentially save us hours of time and stress, and take us to our business goals more swiftly.

So a few weeks ago on Twitter, we asked marketing experts to send us their best quick small business marketing tip. And here’s what they came back with.

16 quick small business marketing tips from the experts

There are some great marketing tips here to take on board, but if one single piece of advice stands out more than any other, it’s know WHO you want to talk to. Here are the entire 16 our experts came up with.

1) Identify your market

Roisin from Refresh marketing says:

Identify your target market(s) and understand their needs and behaviours. If you can meet their needs, or solve a problem that they have with your product or service it will make marketing so much easier.

Marketing consultancy Refresh Marketing helps businesses take a fresh look at their marketing, cutting through the jargon to create simple marketing plans that deliver great results. Follow Roisin on Twitter.

2) Keep contact details

Jill Ashton from Crafty Business recommends:

Keep a record (data base) of everyone you have had business contact with – you never know when you may need to get in touch with them again.

Jill is a seasoned networker of 30 years, and co-creator and current organiser of a business networking group in Sheffield for those who relax with creative hobbies. Follow Jill on Twitter

3) Don’t be anti-social

Gemma Lloyd from The Social Mum advises:

Social media should be social. Don’t make it all about your brand, join in the conversation instead.

Gemma specialises in social media management for busy mums running a business, giving them more time to focus on what they do best. Follow Gemma on Twitter

4) Be ready to act

Ronke Lawal from Ariato PR recommends:

Be ready to take action. Some of the best campaigns are flexible or able to take advantage of what’s trending at the moment. So always be ready!

Ariatu PR specialises in excellence – excellence in public relations and excellence in their clients. Follow Ronke on Twitter

5) Make a plan

Nicole Martin from Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy advises:

Have a marketing plan! It helps you focus, spend wisely and get results.

Nicole is an experienced and reliable marketing consultant, specialising in small businesses. Follow Nicole on Twitter

7) Know your audience

Vanessa Le Beau says:

Fully understand your target audience. Their wants, needs, where they shop, what makes them laugh – EVERYTHING!

Vanessa is the Marketing and Merchandising Manager of Larson JewelersFollow Vanessa on Twitter

8) Invest in great photography

Heirloom Toys say:

Invest in the best photography you can afford. It makes a vast difference to have to hand for press and advertising.

Heirloom Toys are a family-run business in North Norfolk. Run by by Anne and James Gordon Groom, they sell ethical toys and clothing through their shops in Sheringham and Burnham Market, and online. (Their favourite local photographer is Andy Langley.) Follow Heirloom Toys on Twitter

9) Target!

Sheila Sturgeon recommends:

Target, target, target. The most effective marketing and communications are those that are highly targeted, and even personalised.

Sheila is a 52 year old local authority policy bod who spent a couple a decades running voluntary organisations. Follow Sheila on Twitter

10) Be clear about how you’re talking to

Paula Hutchings from Marketing Vision agrees:

Be clear on your target market. This will help you to focus your marketing and save wasting valuable time and money on ineffective activities.

Marketing Vision are passionate about delivering smart, cost-effective marketing solutions for small businesses with integrity, flexibility and vision. Follow Paula on Twitter

11) Don’t assume!

Fiona Bridges from social media and communications consultancy VIVACITY goes one step further:

Don’t assume you instinctively know what your audience likes. You don’t! Talk to friends or contacts who fall into your target client category and ask them to be brutally honest about your website, your branding, your advertising etc. You may be very surprised by their feedback. Free constructive criticism from your support network is vital for an entrepreneur on a tight marketing budget.

Fiona has worked in media relations and internal communications roles at a number of City financial services organisations and is now enjoying building her own business. Follow Fiona on Twitter

12) Grow your list

Erica Douglas advises:

If you only do ONE marketing thing, make it creating and maintaining an email list. A well-maintained email list gives you so much control over your business, you can start to manage demand for your product or service.

Erica specialises in small business marketing. Follow Erica on Twitter

13) Tell your story

Rebecca Newenham from Get Ahead VA says:

When thinking about your marketing efforts always remember it’s really important to get your story straight. Who are you? Where did you come from? What difference can you make? Once you’ve developed your story keep telling in as many different ways as you can, in your blogs, via the website/social media and all your marketing collateral. Consistency is the key to building your brand and messaging.

Rebecca is the owner of Get Ahead VA, a virtual marketing and support agency managing specialist tasks and enabling business owners to focus on the rest. Follow Rebecca on Twitter

14) Content is king

Anooh Moaryarty recommends:

Be content centric. Google loves regular, high quality, unique content so make sure you keep your site refreshed with articles and blogs. 

Anooh is a web developer and digital project manager. Follow Anooh Moaryarty on Twitter

15) Write to someone

Lucy Davies says:

If you’re procrastinating about writing a newsletter I find it helps to imagine you’re writing to just one person.

Lucy helps business owners build a community around their business based on great relationships, attract new customers, support existing customers and stand out. Follow Lucy on Twitter

16) Share on Facebook

Find Go Do say:

Share, share, share on Facebook groups (as long as it’s within group rules). And always add a comment.

Find Go Do are a guide to activities, clubs, events and things to in an eight mile radius of Bushey and Watford. Follow Find Go Do on Twitter

What’s your best small business marketing tip?

Do you have a small business marketing tip that didn’t make our list? If so we’d love to hear it! Tweet it to us and we’ll share it.

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