15 brick and mortar marketing strategies that increase foot traffic to your physical store

Even as e-commerce continues to rise, physical stores are still an essential part of the sales mix. As you will realise, many still prefer buying from a physical store and might even spend more in the store than they would online.

If you’re running a physical store, you’ll still need marketing strategies that increase foot traffic. Here are 15 ways you can achieve this.

1) Make your store visible with eye-catching signage and window displays

People will never forget a store when it has an attractive sign. If it’s a colourful and eye-catching display, people will associate that colour with your business. When they want to buy what you sell, they’ll think of your store. 

If you’re selling flowers, put up a bright yellow or orange banner to let everyone know about your business. Most importantly, make the banner or signage visible from a distance. 

2) Give out your business cards to potential clients

Give your business cards to everyone who comes to your store, even if they come just to ask for directions. You never know when they’ll need your products in the future. They might also give the card to someone who asks for your services. 

To ensure they keep the card, make it attractive and durable. Metallic business cards are an excellent choice because they are not only elegant but last longer. Also, have a few cards with you wherever you go, even to the supermarket. It’s an excellent and professional way of letting new acquaintances know what you do and your store’s location. 

3) Offer free samples to customers on their way in and out of the store

People like freebies, and they especially love samples. Offer customers a sample when in the shop to encourage them to make a purchase. A good choice would be something that can give them an idea of what you have to offer.

For example, if you sell hot drinks and food, make a sample of what you’re selling so that the customer can taste it before buying. Samples are also an excellent idea when introducing a new product in the market or your store. You’ll not only entice shoppers to make a purchase but will also get feedback on whether it’s appealing and valuable. 

4) Give away free gifts for the first 10 people who come into your store every day

This is an excellent marketing strategy to increase foot traffic because it gets the customers choosing your store, and they’ll be more likely to buy something. A small gift like a keychain or a mouse pad can do the trick.

You may as well choose objects that are related or similar to what you’re offering. For example, if you sell sportswear, give out branded tees, caps or backpacks. You can also use the gifts to promote your store by having your logo printed on them. 

5) Offer complimentary services

What’s a better way of attracting customers into your physical store than offering complementary services? It works best for salons and spas but applies to other business models as well. For example, if you have a restaurant and customers like your service, they may be willing to spend more money there. Complimentary services keep them coming back. 

6) Give discounts for cash payments

Offering discounts is an effective marketing strategy to increase foot traffic because people love saving money. If it’s a big discount, they’ll remember your store and choose you over an online purchase. Some discount ideas are

  • Buy three and get the fourth free 
  • Discount by percentage (10%, 20% or even 50%) 
  • Buy one, get another half price
  • Free shipping

7) Host a community event or charity drive at least once per month

People are most likely to remember something when it affects them directly. Community events draw a lot of attention, and if you can, involve your customers in some way. They’ll like you even more. People get attached to businesses that care about the local community.

A charity drive isn’t only an excellent way to help the needy but will also make you and your business memorable. Offer prizes for those who donate. They’ll be more likely to buy from you because they feel like they’re giving back to their community in some way.

8) Use email marketing

Communicate new product arrivals and discounts to loyal customers through emails. Clients will appreciate the effort, and it’s also a way of maintaining contact. Additionally, send periodic emails to appreciate your customers, celebrate their achievements and send additional info on products or services. 

9) Use social media marketing 

Social media is one of the most effective ways to market a brick and mortar store because it’s an avenue for interaction. Share information about your business and post images or videos related to what you do. Social media has revolutionised marketing strategies as it makes communication easier. Be active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Populate them with news about your business: new products, promotional deals and events.

Additionally, expand your market by joining dedicated channels like LinkedIn for business networking and Pinterest for product promotion. 

10) Promote your business through fliers and brochures

Put up flyers around town advertising the latest deals in your store. The idea is more rewarding during holidays when more shoppers look for last-minute gifts. You can also distribute brochures which feature your store’s address, phone number, website and list of services. 

11) Run pop up stores

Running pop-up stores or creating events where customers can browse for products is an excellent way to increase foot traffic. People enjoy interacting with businesses they like, and pop up stores is just one way to establish the bond.

12) Work with local bloggers

Ask local bloggers if they would be interested in reviewing your business on their blog or website to enable you to reach potential customers outside your geographic location. Even when the service costs money, the traffic from your local bloggers can bring in more income. 

13) Have a website

Although many people still prefer face to face interactions, most love the convenience of a website to gather all the information they need regarding your store, including products offered, location, and prices.

A website gives your business a professional look and is an excellent marketing tool to use. It increases customer confidence in your products and services. You’ll also be able to reach people who are looking for information regarding the product you sell online.

To ensure that potential customers don’t forget about your store, feature it on all advertisements and promotional materials, including flyers, brochures and social media platforms. 

14) Offer customer rewards programs

A loyalty program is an excellent way to keep customers coming back for more. They feel special because they’re appreciated and are also very likely to talk about your store with their friends, family and colleagues. Other than the loyalty program, have a referral reward program where customers get a discount on their purchases if they refer a friend.

15) Have monthly subscriptions

Offer monthly subscriptions to make it easier for shoppers who want regular deliveries from you (e.g. clothing stores). Monthly subscriptions keep customers coming back to your store as they look forward to receiving new things. You may charge a nominal fee for the service, and be sure to accept online payments via various secure platforms. 

Additionally, carry out relationship marketing. Through the strategy, you’ll understand customers’ needs, communicate with them, and then deliver products or services that meet their preferences. Relationship marketing can have long-lasting effects and make your marketing efforts more affordable. 

With these tips, you can build a thriving brick and mortar business not threatened by the rise of e-commerce. 

Photo by Artem Gavrysh