14 Mother’s Day celebration ideas for new moms

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and if you are looking for inspiration on how to spoil a new mom this year we have 14 ideas for you. 

Every mother deserves recognition for the devotion, energy and love she pours into her family all year long. So it’s a lovely idea to spoil her on Mother’s Day. 

Mother’s Day is even more special if it’s your first one. It’s the very first day your partner will be celebrating as a mother. And with a young baby in the hose will be a welcome opportunity to put her feet up and be pampered!

But what can you buy or do to celebrate a new mom’s first Mother’s Day? Here are 14 ideas to inspire you. 

1) Buy her roses

This may seem like a cliche, but many women love flowers, especially roses. So why not send roses for Mother’s Day? They could be red roses to indicate your enduring love for her as your partner. Or you can choose a bright, colourful shade to represent how she lights up your life. Imagine her surprise when the doorbell rings and there’s a wonderful bouquet waiting for her.

2) Treat her to breakfast in bed 

Who doesn’t like to be treated to breakfast in bed every now and then? If this is something you know your partner enjoys, then you can plan a feast for Mother’s Day morning. Prepare her favourite breakfast and serve it to her on a tray in bed. Just remember to clear and wash up afterwards!

3) Choose a gift she’ll love

Not every woman likes flowers. So if you want to gift your partner something more imaginative for her first Mother’s Day you can seek out alternative gift ideas. Just think about what she likes, and use that as inspiration. It doesn’t have to be expensive – it’s the thought that counts. 

4) Take over the chores for the day

The best gift any mom can have is a chore-free day! So why not offer to take over all household tasks for the day? From cooking to washing up, tidying and the laundry. Ideally household tasks should be shared equally between the two of you anyway, but today you can ensure she does’t need to lift a finger if she doesn’t want to. 

5) Take over baby duties

A new baby can be demanding, especially during the night, and particularly on the mother. So where possible, try to take over any baby duties for the day. Of course if your partner is breastfeeding then you can’t do everything! But you can certainly change nappies, keep them occupied and bring them to your partner if they wake in the night for a feed.

6) Plan a family meal

When was the last time you had your partner’s family or friends over for lunch? Or met them in a local restaurant? If this is something you know she enjoys but hasn’t had the time or energy for lately with a new baby, why not plan a lunch as a surprise for her on Mother’s Day? If it’s at home, you can cook and clean up so she can enjoy the time resting and catching up with everyone. 

7) Buy her a spa treatment

When you have a baby it’s easy to get lost in a fog of tiredness, and every day can sometimes feel like Groundhog Day. So having something lovely that’s just for you to look forward to can be a real treat. If your partner likes spa treatments, why not buy her one for Mother’s Day? You can look after the baby while she gets pampered. 

8) Take her out to her favourite restaurant

It’s easy to let the romance of your relationship slip in the early weeks and months of parenthood. So why not use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to reconnect with a lunch or meal at her favourite restaurant? Ask family or friends to look after your baby and spend time as a romantic couple again. 

9) Buy her personalised baby jewelry

There’s an entire industry devoted to gifts created from prints of babies’ hands and feet. So why not gift your partner something really personal for her first Mother’s Day and buy her a piece of jewellery or a keyring make using an imprint of your child’s hand or feet? 

10) A home pamper hamper

If you know your partner loves indulging in long, luxurious baths and treating herself to face masks, you could create or buy her a pamper hamper. Fill it with everything she needs for a wonderful afternoon or evening – bath products, scented candle, bottle of prosecco… whatever you know she’d like. 

11) Give her ‘chore vouchers’

Are household chores sometimes a bone of contention in your home? If so, you can gift your partner chore vouchers for Mother’s Day. These can be for tasks that you typically argue over; for example vacuuming or unloading the dishwasher. She can then redeem these vouchers when she wishes in future. 

12) A weekend away

Once your baby gets older you may be able to leave it with a relative for a night. So why not gift your partner a weekend away for Mother’s Day? A child-free weekend together can help you both to unwind, have fun and remember why you fell in love in the first place, and give you both something to look forward to.

13) A personalised necklace or bracelet

What new mum wouldn’t love a piece of jewelry personalised with her baby’s name on it? You can buy beautiful necklaces and bracelets adorned with a name (think Carrie’s necklace in Sex and The City). Why not order one for your partner with your new baby’s name on it? 

14) Personalized family art

Give your partner a gift that captures and immortalizes your new family with personalised art. You can commission someone to create a caricature of your family, or draw your home, family tree, pets… anything that is personal to you and that you can hang up in your home to remind her of the family you have created together.