11 signs you’re stuck in a rut (and how to fix it)

Have you lost your passion for life? Feel like you’ve no idea what to do? Or that it’s pointless even trying? Here are 11 signs you’re stuck in a rut (and how to fix it).

Does life often feel hard, joyless or pointless? Are you unhappy with what you’re doing, or even where you’re at in life, but can’t see a way out? If the answer is yes, you could be stuck in a rut.

Ruts can happen to the best of us. One day you’re in control of your life, purposefully pursuing your dreams. Then a few years later, without really noticing it, your life seems to have slipped into a different groove; you no longer love what you do, but can’t see a way out.

And when that happens, huge changes in direction and grand plans can seem frustratingly out of your reach. After all, if you knew what you needed to change to fix everything you’d just do it, right?

But you don’t need grand plans and buckets of positive energy to make a difference, or even fix your rut. Small, simple tweaks and easy actions can initiate powerful change (remember the butterfly effect?) over time.

If you suspect you may be stuck in a rut, take a look at at the infographic by NetCredit below. It shares 11 signs you may be, each with a doable action you can take to initiate that positive change.

We also highly recommend taking our Career Audit – a 15-page psychological workbook – if you’re stuck in a professional rut.

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Photo by Krists Luhaers