10 top reasons to say yes to exhibitions

Thinking of investing in being part of a business exhibition? Read on for 10 good reasons why you should say yes.

Exhibitions are essential for businesses and we don’t acknowledge this enough. Public expos as an exhibitor, and not just as an attendee, are going to give your business a boost in a way that you never thought possible.

It doesn’t matter whether the company is a multibillion dollar enterprise or a private venture reaching out their toes for the first time.You can bet that an exhibition is going to be beneficial.

Trade fairs, presentations, and public exhibitions are the names given to business shows where industry organizers all get together and showcase what they can do.

Yep, they’re all in the same niche and yes, they pretty much all offer the same service. But people get to come and have a look around, pick up some swag bags and promotional products and they get to understand what a business can do if you’re not a part of that then there’s a problem. Publicizing your business and making sure that you can get your foot into the right industry is a smart idea, and doing that through exhibitions is even better.

In a perfect world, you’ll even be able to secure new clients through direct deals and promotional efforts. Those swag bags of yours are really going to have an effect on your customers, so you need to make sure that they are good. Nobody wants just a bookmark and a pen, right? Let’s take a look at top reasons that you should say yes to being a part of an exhibition.

1) Sales generation

As long as you have the right setup and you have the right stand structure, your exhibition gives you a chance to grow your client base. People are going to come past your stall all day long, which means that you need to make sure that it’s pretty, it’s looking good, and that the people on the stall are inviting and welcoming.

A public exhibition ground is humming with activity. People will be looking for what your niche does, especially if you are in an industry such as the wedding industry. For example, setting up your stall at a wedding Expo and making sure that your promotional swag bags have all the right products that brides and their mother in laws and their mothers would want is important. You’re going to be able to expand your sales if you do this.

2) Enjoying face to face interaction

Public exhibitions are a work of genius when it comes to networking. It’s all about showcasing your business and connecting with your clientele personally. When you send emails and your cold call, you can’t get the same level of attention from your customers and your brand. Meeting somebody personally has a much more considerable effect than just meeting someone over email. So you can bet that you can make the impression that you hope to make when you are branding your business in an exhibition. Capitalizing on those face to face interactions is going to help your business stand out further from the crowd. 

3) Networking

Networking with other brands is important. It’s not just about meeting customers. When you set up an exhibition, attempting to meet the leading brands in the industry is something that not every business gets to do. And yet here you are able to shake hands with the best out there, make sure that you are turning that situation around and showing that you are a business that could be someone to collaborate with.Is important for your business future.

Big organizations can appear scary from afar, but when you are all in the same boat in an exhibition circumstance, you’ll find that actually you’re rubbing shoulders with the best of the best. Customers will be familiar with those big brands, but those big brands often come with big prices. If you are offering something similar to your favorite larger brands out there, you can become acquainted with the workers and you can get people to send customers your way.

4) Being in the hub of innovation

Going to an Expo is a great way for your business to remain in front of the opposition, because you’re going to be able to see how others are innovating. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be copying their ideas, It means that you’re going to be able to take inspiration. You’ll be able to see new products, procedures, ideas and techniques.

But not only that, you’ll get to see how customers can react to those in real time. If the industry that you’re in is competitive, wouldn’t you rather know about your rivals and be aware of what’s going on? It’s important to understand that when you go to your exhibition because you need to be taking notes and doing your own research. 

5) You gain a huge return on your investment

You’ll be investing in promotions, your advertising spend, and you’ll be figuring out how to expand your return for capital investment. Most promotion strategies are as a bet there. Nobody desires to squander their cash on something that’s not going to win. And yet in an industry full of conflicting stages and recurrent markets could save money.

Events like trade shows can really give you more of a constellation. The return on investment is big when you’re involved in a trade show because you are going to be part of something bigger than you. You’re going to be immersed in your competition and you’re going to be able to get in front of your customers at the same time, which can be a huge deal. 

6) You get the chance to build great business relationships

Every business depends on a network of organizations to some extent. Exhibitions do this so well by bringing everybody together in one canopy, and that means that you get a chance to meet other industry experts. You’re going to be able to find ways that your separate business can profit off of each other by leveraging each other’s blogs or getting involved in content or guest writing for each other websites. You can even mix and mingle with their customers when they’re at their store.

Production firms will often work with logistics firms to guarantee that their products will get to its location. A wedding flower company might do very well with a suit and dress company so that they can match boutonnieres. The point is that you can rub shoulders with the right people.

7) It’s a great way to promote creative engagement

From energetic illustrations to entangled stand plans and indulgent props, your show booth can be bright, captivating. An eye-catching this is going to draw the customers towards you like moths to a flame. You want to be able to be creative in the way that you engage your customers so that people can see that you’re impressive and inventive in what you do. If you can showcase what you do at the exhibition, then they will feel like you are showcasing what you can do outside of it. 

8) It gives you a chance to understand what is and what isn’t working

A public exhibition is a great way to realize which way your industry is heading if you are planning on bringing out a new product. But you can see in front of you that customers are not intrigued by that product from other competitors that it may make you pivot the way that you hope to build.

Take a look at the way that your customers are responding to the complimentary gifts and swag bags at the exhibition. From other stalls, you can window shop by acting as a client so that you can approach the opposition for costs and information on their products without being revealed.It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and see which stores are pulling the most participants and gains.

9) It’s a great place for job seekers

Exhibitions are a wonderful place for people to hand in their resumes and CV, so make sure that you have something set up to receive them. Public exhibitions are also loaded with industry experts. So if you are part of a company and you’re at an exhibition and you want to step up, then make sure that you are marketing yourself as you go.

Bring business cards with you and give out your number and make sure that you are taking down the details and taking cards of important people.You want to be rubbing shoulders with experts who could help you to further your career. But if you are a business owner and you’re appearing at an exhibition, be aware that some people will want to rub shoulders with you too.

10) Bring all the freebies

A big reason people go to exhibitions is for the swag. Handing out freebie bags with promotional products is just part of the fun, and it’s one of the best parts. It’s like thanking people for coming along to your stall and giving their information. You could offer free food, free slushies, free bags of pens, shirts, keyholders, key rings, calendars.You name it, there is a promotional product out there for it.